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Present in Cannes to defend David Cronenberg’s “Crimes of the Future”, Viggo Mortensen was asked about the previous Palme d’Or, “Titanium”. The actor does not go there by four paths to say what he thinks of the film of Julia Ducournau.

David Cronenberg returns to Cannes

If the general public associates Viggo Mortensen to his role as Aragorn in the trilogy The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003), the actor also became an important figure in David Cronenberg. It all started in 2005, when he appeared at the forefront of the excellent A History of Violence. The director and the actor meet again two years later with Shadow Promises (2007) where Viggo Mortensen presents himself as a violent and dangerous Russian henchman. A few years later, in 2011, this time he became Sigmund Freud in A Dangerous Method (2011).

Future Crimes ©Metropolitan FilmExport

Ten years have passed since. But here is Viggo Mortensen again in front of the Canadian filmmaker’s camera with The Crimes of the Future. A highly anticipated and presented film at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival in official competition. Cronenberg’s presence is symbolic. The director is a regular on the Croisette. He notably won the Special Jury Prize at the 49th edition, and chaired the jury for the 52nd.

In addition, the previous year was marked by the Palme d’Or awarded to Titanium by Julia Ducournau. A work very close to Cronenberg’s cinema and from which the director does not hide, quite the contrary. Nevertheless, this proposal from the Frenchwoman did not really convince Viggo Mortensen.

Titaniuma superficial work for Viggo Mortensen

The actor recently shared his feelings about the film nearby HollywoodReporter. While the journalist mentions Titanium and presents it as “the most WTF moment of Cannes“, he asks Viggo Mortensen if he thinks that The Crimes of the Future will have the same effect and that people will also leave the Palais before the end of the screening. And the actor’s answer is rather salty:

It’s possible. But several years ago it was Crash that caused a scandal. And without wanting to offend Titanium, in my opinion, Crash surpasses this film by head and shoulders. Because it’s not just superficial provocation with unconventional imagery. There is a story behind it, there are real characters that are explored in Crash, much more than in Titane I think.

Titanium ©Diaphana Distribution

Viggo Mortensen then continues by putting forward the work of Cronenberg on Crashbut also on his new film which he hopes to be rewarded this year.

In The Crimes of the Future, as in Crash, we get to know the characters. They are fully realized and have motivations. It’s not like a long music video. I think Future Crimes might be controversial, but it will make people think and discuss it after the fact. came several times but was not given due recognition. If people like Titane and the challenge it offers, I don’t see why they wouldn’t be as much, if not more, interested in this film.

A position that makes people react

Titanium would therefore be in his eyes”superficial provocation” bottomless, comparable to a music video. A clear-cut position that has not failed to to make react movie fans. Others, on the contrary, seem to rather agree with this opinion.

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Viggo Mortensen knocks out “Titanium” by Julia Ducournau, the Palme d’or 2021 – CinéSéries