Vincent Lindon and his grieving children: this tragic death of a family member

Vincent Lindon supported by his ex-wife, Sandrine Kiberlain

In his diary of the day, Le Figaro informs us of the death of Sylvain Lindon. If his first name does not mean anything to you, his last name is necessarily familiar to you. And for good reason, he is the brother of one of the greatest French actors, Vincent Lindon. The latter is featured in the latest Palme D’or to date (Titanium), and you may have seen it in La loi du marché, Welcome, Pour elle, or Mademoiselle Chambon. He gives the reply in this last film to his ex-wife, Sandrine Kiberlain, who supports him in this terrible proof. And for good reason, if they are no longer together, the two actors have a daughter, Suzanne, now 21 years old. The actress has already explained in the past about the state of her relationship with her ex:

“When we had a child with someone, we are almost obliged to continue to love her. In any case, you have to overcome the pain, manage to move on to another kind of love, so that the child does not suffer. It is not easy.

According to Le Figaro, the 59-year-old Parisian restaurateur died on March 5, ” after months of courageous fight against the disease“. In addition to leaving behind his family, he leaves behind his Italian restaurant. The announcement obviously mentions his partner, but also his children. Vincent Lindon will also be able to count on the support of his first child, Marcel, 24 years old.

An orphan restaurant

In the announcement is also mentioned the ” dream team from the Al Dente restaurant. This restaurant is located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. The employees wanted to pay tribute to their boss in a moving Instagram post: In October 2005, Sylvain Lindon created Al Dente, in September 2021, he began his courageous fight against the disease, on March 5, 2022, he leaves discreetly on tiptoe… What do we miss already…Al Dente is crying..”

Stéphane Bern wanted to react to this publication, he who is probably very affected by the disappearance of Sylvain Lindon: Sylvain was a real gentleman, the cream of a man, caring and sensitive, a heart of gold. I share the pain of @aldente_paris7 and our wonderful Marie who was her guardian angel. Thoughts for his family, his loved ones, and all those who loved him. His goodness of soul must continue to guide us…”

On his side, Michel Denisot addresses his thoughts for the family“while Anthony Delon expresses his sadness by materializing it with three broken heart emojis. One thing seems certain: Sylvain will be missed by all who knew him. And that’s ultimately how we see that he lived well and that he probably brought a lot of joy and happiness to the people around him.

Vincent Lindon stars in a film that denounces capitalism

The comedian’s fans know it, he does not hesitate to play in social films, which deal with social problems. In Another World, he wants to show how capitalism crushes everyone, even those who are thought to be at the top of the ladder, these executives very affected by burnout and depression. The actor once again shares the line with Sandrine Kiberlain, which proves how much the former lovers have a healthy and friendly relationship today.

The actress knows that this relationship might not have been possible without their daughter: ” It’s normal for it to be long, a heartache. It’s long, but not insurmountable. It takes a long time to dislike someone, to no longer be the essential for the other. These are injuries at all levels. We feel worthless and abandoned“. But today, the wounds of the past are healed. And the two actors like to share the movie poster together:

“I think we are proud to tour together, proud, because we admire each other’s work, proud for our daughter, too. That she can see us on screen in different films, I find it beautiful »

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Vincent Lindon and his grieving children: this tragic death of a family member