Vincent Rattez (MHR): “Capelli can wear a tracksuit with street shoes! »

At the MHR since 2020, winger Vincent Rattez (29) presents his teammates with whom he could win a historic first shield for the club.

The most gifted

“Jan Serfontein. He has the whole palette. He knows how to play in front of the defence. It moves forward systematically. He is a good defender. He just plays. He has the experience”.

The most professional

“Among the elders, there is Fufu (Fulgence Ouedraogo). There is never a lack of preparation. He even comes to stretch on his days off.

The most promising

“Arthur Vincent. He was broke by this Crusader injury. He has the future ahead of him. Paolo Garbisi is also having a good experience this year with us in the Top 14”.

The worst loser

“Benoît Paillaugue. He hates defeat. At ping pong, at board games… He is a grump. »

The most fishy

“We had one. Martin Devergy. He is currently on loan at Agen. As soon as there is a c… it’s for him”.

The most yelled at by the coach

“It must be in front. Us behind, it does not shout too much. I would say Enzo Forletta. They like to look for him a bit on video to sting him in his pride. »

The most geeky

“There are many of us and addicts in the locker room. Gabriel N’Gandebe took his Play during an internship in Corsica”.

The most superstituent

“Vincent Giudicelli is very religious. He travels with the Virgin Mary to matches. He says his prayers first.

The most roomy

“We are many. I put myself in the top 3. In the staff, Fabien Simon, the physiotherapist, is not stingy with rooms either (smile). »

The most chambered

“Enzo Forletta. It’s kind of the mascot. He makes us laugh. He has funny reactions.

The latest

“There is a top 3. Alexandre Bécognée often comes to the limit. He is asleep in the morning. Then there is the Momo duel with Jérémie Maurouard and Mohamed Haouas. They often come after the gong”.

Most autographs

Guilhem Guirado. He is in high demand for his senior year. He is very approachable. He has a hell of a career. He receives a lot of requests for autographs and photos from young and old.

“There are a few handsome kids. Alexandre Bécognée is quite successful”.

The party animal

“There, there is a nice top 5 to put in place. But I retain Yvan Reilhac ”.

The most fashionable

“We have our two Georgians Nariashvili and Aprasidze. They are very fashionable. At the level of less fashions, there are some phenomena. Guirado is dressed a lot in Adidas. It makes us laugh. Cobus (Reinach) is still in Nike since they have their contract. But Mickaël Capelli won the Palme d’Or. He can put on a tracksuit with dress shoes. He can therefore arrive dressed in a completely mismatched way”.

The most cultured

“I don’t know if we can talk about pure culture, but Pierre Lucas really likes debates. Thomas Darmon is very trendy in real estate”.

The most talkative

“Enzo Forletta and physiotherapist Fabien Simon. »

The biggest eater

“We have a few, but we are going to hit a first line. Titi Lamositele is really not bad. To the point of being taken over by physical trainers (smile). As soon as there are a few days of rest, he enjoys it! »

The most tattooed

“There is a game. Nariashvili is very much. He has his whole back tattooed. There is also Fufu. Even if it shows a little less because he is black of skin ”.

The funniest

“Enzo Forletta. He has a lot of delusions. Sometimes you can’t stop it. He is alone in his thing and he is fed up.

The most passionate about another area “Florian Verhaeghe. He is a fishing enthusiast. He leaves in the afternoons to take a boat trip to fish. Even in winter”.

“Vincent Giudicelli is very religious. HE TRAVELS WITH THE VIRGIN MARY TO THE MATCHES”

The most polyglot

“Georgians are quite talented. Apart from their language, they speak French and English. South Africans aren’t great at French (laughs), but they speak a lot of other French too. On the other hand, Serfontein speaks French very well”.

The most music lover

“Benoit Paillaugue likes to listen to a lot of French bodybuilding music”.

The most surprising nickname

“It’s not really a nickname, but it concerns Antho Bouthier. It is called “Bouth”. At the start of the season, Philippe Saint-André once said: “Bouth in 10 at the opening”. As soon as he does something now we add him to “Bouth”. So it can give: “Bouth” in a towel, “Bouth” in a smile…

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Vincent Rattez (MHR): “Capelli can wear a tracksuit with street shoes! »