VOD: new releases in January 2023 at SFR, with the Palme d’or 2022

A story inspired by real events, an offbeat French comedy, drama and the Palme
gold from the Cannes Film Festival… So many qualitative films released in theaters in 2022, which arrive on VOD on the SFR box. To get the new year off to a good start, discover our selection of feature films which will enrich the catalog this month of January.

Did you miss certain theatrical screenings during the past year? Do not panic, you will be able to catch up thanks to the VOD catalog of SFR, which is enriched each month with films recently released in cinemas. And it is an understatement to say that 2023 is off to a good start, with the arrival of a feature film carried by Gilles Lellouche and inspired by real events, a moving film on the 2015 attacks with Virginie Efira and Benoît Magimel, an offbeat French comedy worn by Ahmed Sylla and Bertrand Usclat, or even the Palme d’Or at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, just that. Here is our selection of new releases to discover in January on the VOD platform of the SFR box.

January 5: Kompromat

Directed by Jérôme Salle with Gilles Lellouche as headliner, Kompromat is an intense film, based on real events. Direction Russia, in 2017, where a Frenchman named Mathieu Roussel, working for the government, is trapped by the KGB. He is imprisoned, the victim of a set-up, otherwise called a “kompromat”. False compromising documents are thus used by the Russian secret services against this agent to discredit him. He is then threatened with life imprisonment, and will try to flee the country of Vladimir Putin, by all means. On his path strewn with pitfalls, a beautiful soul will help him cross the border. Between thriller, romance and drama, Kompromat is an ambitious film that will appeal to all those who love the passions of love and who have a strong heart.

Kompromat has been available for purchase and rental on VOD since January 5 on the SFR box.

Virginie Eifira and Benoît Magimel share the poster for this drama, which recorded some 518,000 admissions. A nice little success certainly due to the fact that See Paris again Returns to a national trauma, that of the attacks of 2015. Moving but luminous, it manages to detach our mind from the atrocities, for a time, to focus on the personal experience of Mia, one of the victims of this tragic event, which she only remembers in snatches. Director and screenwriter Alice Winocour thus stages a female character who tries to dig into her memory, in the hope of finding happiness again.

See Paris again has been available for digital purchase since January 5 and will be available for rental from January 11 on SFR’s VOD platform.

January 26: Twins but not too many

Two French directors, Wilfried Meance and Olivier Ducray, have teamed up to put together a rather quirky comedy. Two men who are complete opposites, including the color of their skin, realize at the age of 33 that they are nevertheless twin brothers. Grégoire and Anthony are indeed affected by an extremely rare genetic phenomenon, with a one in a million chance: the first was born white, the second black. They will then compare their existence and realize that their respective lives are neither ideal. Played by Ahmed Sylla and Bertrand Usclat, these two twin brothers will get to know each other and enrich each other.

Twins but not too many will be available for purchase and rental on VOD from January 26 on the SFR box.

January 28: Without filter

The film which received the Palme d’Or at the last Cannes Film Festival is indeed part of the new releases for the month of January on SFR’s VOD platform. Directed by Ruben Östlund, this feature film released in theaters in September 2022 tells the not trivial adventure of a couple of models and influencers. The latter are invited on a luxury cruise, with a very attentive crew. So far, no downside. But this peaceful atmosphere will not last long, since they are confronted with a captain who does not deign to leave his cabin when a storm is rising… Surprising and very successful, Without filters is an acerbic satire of the ultra-rich, whose title in English is much more evocative: Triangle of Sadness, which can be translated as “triangle of sadness”. An exquisite black comedy worn by Harris Dickinson and Charlbi Dean Kriek, a young South African actress who left too soon, at the age of 32 before the film’s release. We also find Woody Harrelson, at the top of his game…

Without filter will initially be available for digital purchase from January 28, then from February 1 for rental on the VOD platform of the SFR box.

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VOD: new releases in January 2023 at SFR, with the Palme d’or 2022