What is the best foie gras for the holidays according to 60 million consumers?

Foie gras is the ultimate holiday dish! Very consumed at Christmas time, just like smoked salmon and champagne, it is necessary to ask what product we are going to buy. To help you in this choice, the magazine “60 Millions de consommateurs” has just presented the best foie gras according to certain quality and price criteria.

The ranking of 60 million consumers of the best duck foie gras has finally been revealed! Credit: Shutterstock

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What would a holiday table be without smoked salmon and foie gras? On a toast or with a salad, foie gras is a dish very popular with the French, especially during the holiday season. But before putting the foie gras on its 31, it is essential to choose the right product. The fateful question arriving faster than you imagine, “60 Million consumers” chose to answer it in its December issue to help you in your choice.

What is the best foie gras for the holidays according to 60 million consumers? Credit: 60 Million consumers

The different types of foie gras

Before embarking on the purchase of your foie gras, you must know what type of product you want. The magazine specialized in consumption then studied 24 references classified into three groups. First, the whole duck foie gras. Then the duck foie gras in block with pieces and finally the blocks of duck foie gras without pieces. “60 Million consumers” then judged the foie gras according to two criteria: tasting and histological quality.

Histology is the study of the composition of the product. So determine according to the fat overload, the presence of defects as well as other criteria essential to the good composition of a fatty liver. 60 “enlightened amateurs” made the final notes according to the taste, texture and visual aspect of the 24 different foie gras. If you prefer to make your homemade foie gras this year, here is an unmissable recipe!

The price does not make the best foie gras

It is not because a foie gras is priced in gold that it is necessarily better. The judges in this study favored foies gras en bloc with pieces whereas they are considered most of the time as of lower quality than whole foie gras. For “60 Million consumers”, the testers criticized the selected whole foie gras for being too salty. As for the blocks of foie gras without pieces, the 60 amateurs did not like them very much and half of them concluded that they would not buy any. On the label side, the quality displayed was in line with expectations and standards. So what is the best fatty liver according to this study? The Palme d’Or goes to Edouard Artzner’s whole foie gras! The best quality / price ratio is attributed to the product from Laffite.

The best foie gras according to “60 Million consumers”

Whole duck foie gras

Whole duck foie gras Edouard Artzner, 200 g, € 42.50. Score: 14.5 / 20

Whole duck foie gras from the Landes Laffite, 200 g, € 28.15. Score: 14/20

Whole duck foie gras from the South-West La Fine Épicerie by Pierre Laguilhon, 130 g, € 18.25. Score: 13.5 / 20

Blocks of duck foie gras with pieces

Block of duck foie gras 30% half-cooked pieces Ernest Soulard, 200 g, € 17.80. Score: 15.5 / 20

Blocks of duck foie gras without piece

Block of duck foie gras Larnaudie, € 14.60. Score: 13.5 / 20

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What is the best foie gras for the holidays according to 60 million consumers?