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Each astrological sign linked to a person gives the latter a rather particular personality. Some zodiac signs are renowned for their great kindness and others are squarely at the anti-pole of what one might consider an ounce of kindness. Throughout history, some people with a particular astrological sign have been more sadistic than others. What is the most psychopathic sign?

The most psychopathic sign according to the FBI

In the entire history of the American anti-criminal agency FBI, there have never been as many criminals as cancers. Contrary to preconceptions about the cruelty of Scorpios and the reputation of narcissistic perverts associated with Gemini, the real psychopaths are Cancers. A report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has indeed shown that the sign most likely to reveal psychopathic traits is cancer. However, the reputation of cancers for their great sensitivity and their empathy does not make them altar boys.
The FBI report proves that people born under the Cancer zodiac sign are the deadliest. Cancers are known to be the most arrested individuals by the police on a daily basis. They have a reputation for easily giving in to anger and jealousy. They may not react on the spot while carefully planning their crime. Cancers are people who have a hard time letting go of arguments no matter how insignificant.
People born between June 22 and July 22 are cancer signs. They are often hypersensitive and everything can quickly turn sour with them. The most recognized serial killers in the world do not all carry this astrological sign by chance. It is enough to name names like Robert Maudsley, John Reginald the monster of Rillington Place and Carl Panzram to realize the dangerousness of people born under this sign.

Gemini: True Psychopaths

With Gemini it is easy to move from one pole to another in a fraction of a second. Under sympathetic and kind airs, people born between May 21 and June 21 are true psychopaths. They have an extreme ability to blend in with the crowd without arousing suspicion. They have an attractive personality that puts the majority of their victim in confidence. Geminis are very easy to seduce. In most cases, they have the ability to convince of their good intentions while hiding dark secrets.
Just take the example of Jeffrey Dahmer born on May 21 to know that Gemini really know how to hide their game. This monster and sex offender is the author of several crimes and murders to satisfy his demonic impulses no less than 17 young men. Still called “monster of Milwaukee”, this American is proof that Geminis are prey to having psychopathic attitudes.

Geminis are also able to create relationships with those around them without revealing their true intentions. Many Gemini arrested and sentenced for minor or major crimes present this particular character. They have the gift of camouflage while keeping a cool head.

Sagittarians, Virgos and Pisces are not left out

If Cancers have the golden palm of the most psychopathic sign, Sagittarians, Virgos and Pisces are not also altar boys. Indeed, several serial killers are Sagittarians, according to research carried out by Doctor Jan Ruis in 2008. It is a zodiac sign whose people who wear it are always in search of strong sensations. Ted Bundy, the psychopath and serial killer who traumatized the United States in the 70s bears this sign.
Many of these psychopaths have inspired directors who have taken their story to create horror films. But the victims of these real psychopaths must certainly laugh less from their coffin. Individuals born under the sign of Pisces, for example, use their creative nature to commit mind-boggling crimes. They are psychopaths whose darkness of mind borders on the dreadful. Several serial killers were also born under this sign.
Finally, Virgos complete the picture of individuals who carry a sign with a psychopathic streak. They are very picky individuals who rarely let go. In their Machiavellian acts, they are meticulous and leave few traces. In any case, it is better to be on your guard with the carriers of these different signs.

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What is the most psychopathic sign? – Parc Haute Borne