When investing in a supercar becomes a good financial investment

As electric cars are on the rise, the value of supercars is also rising in Japan. We explain to you.

We know that everything is done to encourage us to change cars to go to all electric. Indeed, this engine is described by the public authorities as much less polluting and should therefore be adopted by as many people as possible. This is one of the reasons why tax incentives are put in place, as well as more restrictive measures. Until the total ban on buying thermal models from 2035 in Europe. But the Old Continent is not the only one to highlight this type of motorization, since it is also the case in Japan, where theelectric has the wind in its sails. But surprisingly, the energetic transition is also responsible for a rise in sales of supercars in the country.

Now or never

Indeed, and as the Jalopnik site explains, the sales of sports cars increased by 64% compared to last year and had already soared by 75% between 2021 and 2020. But then, what explains this sudden craze for this type of car, while the offer is nevertheless reduced strongly? Well, according to specialists, customers would be in a logic of ” if we don’t drive them today, when can we do it?“. This is therefore one of the reasons why the rich Japanese invest in sports cars. But that’s not the only reason either, as we’ll see.

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A real investment

Indeed, while the electric cars are becoming more and more numerous, supercars will become rare over the next few years. Buying one then simply allows you to make a very good investment. According to some specialists, it would then be wiser to buy a sports car than to invest your money, which would bring in much less. When will a similar situation occur in France? No doubt it could also end up happening.

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When investing in a supercar becomes a good financial investment