Which country in the world has the best food? (spoiler: it’s not France)

This end of the year was marked by numerous culinary awards. It must be said that as the months of November and December approach, there is nothing better than to draw up a little summary of the year and to reward those who have made our eyes shine and our taste buds salivate. Result ? We recently shared many culinary prizes that absolutely should not be missed.

We revealed to you, for example, the ranking of GQ magazine which elected two former Top Chef candidates “men of the year”. But that’s not all. We made you discover Olivier Nasti, voted best chef in the world by Gault & Millau. You could not miss the essential address: the best bistro in France in 2022. Finally, one of the news stories that swirled all over the internet was, without a doubt, about this establishment elected for the sixth consecutive time best restaurant in the world.

The year ends with wonderful gifts for France and numerous awards for its delicious gastronomy. If 2022 is coming to an end soon, the rankings continue to be shared. Recently we have been able to discover the list of countries in the world where you eat the best. A top 50 published by Taste Atlas, a travel guide for traditional cuisine that brings together authentic recipes and food reviews. So has France once again shone? To be honest, we expected better! We will explain everything to you.

Which country in the world has the best food? This is the question that arose the TasteAtlas guide, known in particular for his mapping of traditional dishes around the world. The site has therefore just unveiled its ranking of places where it is good to taste delicious recipes.

If we are impatient to know the verdict, the result leaves us on our hunger: yes, the soufflé went down a little when we saw that France was in 9th position behind the United States. Moreover, the Konbini site also shared its astonishment at this ranking through an article: “Without showing exaggerated chauvinism, it is legitimate to wonder about its place in the list (9th), especially when you realize that the United States is in front. In a country where haute cuisine shines, the art of bistronomy and such a plurality of cuisines and climates (mountain, sea, ocean, valleys), this raises questions”.

On the podium side, we find third place Spain, behind Greece and the country that wins the palme d’or comes as no great surprise italy. It must be said that the country of the boot is particularly appreciated, including in France. Between pasta and pizza, if the position of France surprises us, that of Italy not really.

And to honor French cuisine, we tell you about these chefs who are among the most talented in all of France!

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Which country in the world has the best food? (spoiler: it’s not France)