Why the Palme d’or “Without filter” is likely to make spectators cough

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A cinematic event of the autumn, Ruben Ostlund’s “Sans Filtre”, Palme d’or at the Cannes Film Festival, will be released on September 28, preceded by two previews.

Those who want to be among the first to discover “Without Filter”, by Ruben Ostlund, should buy their ticket now. Because, if the Palme d’or is expected in 15 days in French cinemas, those in a hurry will be able to discover it a few days earlier, thanks to the Figrot festival then to the “Première” festival. The first will program this black comedy, very much in the spirit of the Groland event, on September 25, at the ABC, after the Figrot prize-giving. As for the “Première” festival, which has selected 9 previews, it announces “Without filter” on September 27, at the Pathe Wilson.
But what do they all want to show this new anti-capitalist rant from the Swedish director? The answer was given in May, even before the Palme d’Or, on the Croisette, which welcomed the terrible child of Nordic cinema for the third time.
Ruben Ostlund inaugurated his Cannes cycle in 2014 with “Snow Therapy”, in which he confronted a man with his great cowardice. Three years later, “The Square” created a sensation by winning the Palme d’Or to everyone’s surprise. There again, the director scratched the unease to the bone, this time in the middle of contemporary art.
“Without filter”, his new opus, explores the same way, aggressive, explosive, sneering, like a grenade unpinned that he would swing in the face of the spectators. We first believe that Ruben Ostlund is going to spray the world of fashion with a flamethrower. His two heroes are models, girl and boy, whose union owes as much to pleasure as to a sense of business. In a scene at the restaurant, on the question of who pays the bill, the destabilization is on, creating a laugh, black or yellow, it depends.
The two beautiful kids, we find them on a luxurious yacht, during a cruise in small groups. In this world where money takes precedence, we come across a Russian oligarch who made his fortune “by selling shit” (in this case agricultural fertilizer), a clumsy bachelor with women whose bank account pukes after the sale of his company or even a very chic English couple… whose specialty is the manufacture of these products “which allow democracies to defend themselves” (meaning weapons).
A storm will quickly dynamite this clever scheduling…

Grotesque, cartoonish… and hilarious

This second part of the film is delightful, provided you like the enormous, the grotesque, the caricature (these rich guys are bastards, except for the Russian, who is ultimately very funny). And the director visibly enjoys putting his nose in vomit and shit, just to settle their score.
There is Ferreri at Ostlund, which will satisfy some and irritate others. Despite lengths in the third part, on a desert island (in a trashy “Koh Lanta” version), “Without Filter” carries its title very well: it will make a lot of people cough.

“Without Filter”, released in cinemas on September 28. Preview Sunday, September 25 at 3 p.m. at the ABC and Tuesday, September 27 at the Pathé Wilson.

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Why the Palme d’or “Without filter” is likely to make spectators cough