Why the SPA fears a record rise in pet abandonment this weekend

“Abandonment is a scourge which, like a refrain, keeps coming back. » Despite harsher sentences for abuse or abandonment of animals, the years pass and look alike for the SPA. Because every summer, for the Society for the Protection of Animals, it’s the same refrain: the shelters and their teams “see the abandoned animals parade day after day, hour after hour”.

In the month of July 2022 alone, according to RTL , the SPA shelters took in 11% more animals, abandoned by unscrupulous owners. 11% more animals means 1,400 more abandoned animals than last year at the same time. And while shelters are already saturated and struggling to accommodate new animals, the SPA fears a record increase in abandonments this weekend.

“Worst weekend of the year”

“It’s going to be the worst weekend of the year. » Saturday July 30, Jacques-Charles Fombonne, president of the SPA, let his dismay escape at the microphone of RTL facing the situation “catastrophic” where the association’s shelters are located this summer. Because this year, the SPA is facing unprecedented saturation, few families having adopted a new four-legged friend this summer.

“After a catastrophic start to the month of July, the number of dropouts dropped off at the end of the month. We arrive at figures that are absolutely comparable to those of last year. But this saturation phenomenon is due to something a little bit new […]. Since the beginning of the summer, we have had very few adoptions by families. We have more than 8,900 animals, that’s more than 1,000 than last year.”he explains at the microphone of RTL.

And the situation could get even worse, due to the crossover weekend between Julyists and Augustians, which would only increase this saturation on refuges already in tension.

“It’s going to be the worst weekend of the year. That is to say that the long weekends in August will generate, as every year, a large number of dropouts.declared the president of the SPA.

France, European champion of abandonment

To avoid beating the sad record of the number of animals abandoned this summer, the president of the SPA recalled that the abandonment of animals, considered as abuse, is a crime. “liable to five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros if the abandonment is followed by the death of the animal, which is often the case”.

A necessary booster shot, while France holds “the palme d’or in Europe” for the abandonment of animals, in the words of Anissa Putois, communication manager at Peta France, relayed by National Geographic .

Every year, nearly 60,000 domestic animals are thus abandoned at the approach of summer by their masters, who have often become owners under impulse. In total, each year, some 100,000 animals are thus abandoned in France.

To avoid these impulse purchases and “irresponsible” leading to “an act that will traumatize the animal for life”an emblematic law against animal abuse was passed in November 2021.

This law “aiming to fight against animal abuse and to strengthen the bond between animals and humans” provides in particular for the end of the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores in 2024, better supervision of the sale of animals online and tougher penalties for abuse or abandonment.

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Why the SPA fears a record rise in pet abandonment this weekend