WITHOUT FILTER by Ruben Östlund: film review

Last name : Triangle of Sadness1667050790 432 WITHOUT FILTER by Ruben Ostlund film review
Dad : Ruben Ostlund
Date of Birth : 2021
Majority : September 28, 2022
Kind : theatrical release
Nationality : Sweden, Europe
Cut : 2h29 / Weight : CN
Gender : Satirical comedy

Family record book : Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean Kriek, Woody Harrelson

Particular signs : A debatable Palme d’Or but a good film all the same.

Summary: After Fashion Week, Carl and Yaya, a couple of models and influencers, are invited on a yacht for a luxury cruise. While the crew takes great care of the vacationers, the captain refuses to leave his cabin as the famous gala dinner approaches. Events take an unexpected turn and the balance of power is reversed when a storm rises and endangers the comfort of the passengers.

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The corrosive acidity with Ruben Östlund sauce has struck again. Five years after his Palme d’Or for The Squarethe Swedish filmmaker has entered the very closed circle of “doubly webbed”. Without Filter, his sixth feature film, was crowned with the supreme award at the last Cannes festival, thus celebrating the talent of the Nordic author with such a biting style. In this dramatic comedy which will however have deeply divided on the side of the Croisette, the director of Snow Therapy has a field day filming the odyssey of a luxury cruise that turns into a nightmare for its ultra-rich participants when a storm redistributes the cards, changing the rules of the game of social relations.
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The derisionthis is the key word that dictates the steps of Without Filter, a poignant and acerbic rant in which Östlund delights in dynamiting human relationships governed by an increasingly ferocious class struggle in an increasingly coarse world. A head-to-toe model, an influencer obsessed with her image, a Russian oligarch brandishing his money against all odds, rich people who think they have all the rights, a communist captain, a submissive crew, cowards, exploiters and exploited… This is what makes up the craft that Östlund will blow up, overturning power dynamics with the most scathing irony. And as much to say that the result is diabolically successful, at the same time wickedly funny (in the first but especially in the second degree), deliciously cynical and very intelligently felt. Ideas flow, Östlund hits everyone with constant relevance. Decadent liberalism, the rich above ground imposing their alleged power and ready to do anything to preserve their privileges, the lower class who dream of freeing themselves from this established social hierarchy, the world of appearances, artificiality, the cynicism of some and the jealousy of others… Without Filter is a joyful mess that intends to swing truths. Small downside, these truths are still well known and Östlund pushes half-open doors a little. They would thus have deserved to be attacked in a more nasty way (we are sold “without filter” but all that remains a little nice on the edges). The whole is probably a bit long, the demonstration marked by misanthropy not very subtle in the end, but the vitriolic satire is still quite enjoyable at times and overall, we have a lot of fun with this bourgeois cruise.

By Nicolas Rieux

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WITHOUT FILTER by Ruben Östlund: film review