Woman skating champion, girl influencer… The very glamorous family of Putin’s spokesperson

By Ariane Chemin

Published today at 05:30

In February, while the Russian army was preparing to invade Ukraine, Tatiana Navka posted on Instagram a video of her youngest daughter, a model schoolgirl in Moscow, of a family tobogganing party or even a short film where she and her husband improvise, on a background of electronic music, a kind of TikTok choreography punctuated by kisses and enamored glances. In short, the routine, for this former skater, gold medalist at the 2006 Winter Olympics, who at the age of 47 became a powerful influencer. She knows the ropes of social networks: between information on her ice shows or her skating school, she likes to give news of her Moscow family – #pescofamily, to use one of her favorite hashtags.

On February 24, her husband, Dmitri Peskov, details to Russian journalists the“special operation” committed by his country. The goal is the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine”, explains Vladimir Putin’s spokesman. Since then, Ukrainian soldiers, but also children, have died under the bombs, towns have been razed, women mourn their sons and husbands. Tatiana Navka continues to entrust her daily happiness. No mention of the economic sanctions taken by the European Union and many countries against her couple, just the echoes of a “bright” feast of Easter, a “enchantress” outing to the theatre… Instagram only tells of dream lives and war, on M’s Instagramme Peskov, does not exist.

Responsible for carrying the official word, her husband denies everything ” crime “ of the Russian army and denounces a “orchestrated forgery” images or videos documenting the Boutcha massacre. It must be said that this 54-year-old man, a diplomat by training, a very complete polyglot (English, Turkish, Arabic, etc.), is a familiar figure in the regime. It is he who devotes himself, every morning, to the ultra-supervised exercise of the “press point” of the Kremlin. Shade mustache, brushing-parting in the middle like a 1970s variety singer, the face of this chief communicator has become so inseparable from the Poutinian reign that, on social networks, one of the most corrosive accounts about the dark side of the regime is called “The Mustaches of Peskov”.

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Peskov at the Kremlin in Moscow on April 28, 2019.

Peskov’s fake, smiling spontaneity, his colorful polo shirts fitted over pleated trousers, are meant to convey a more laid-back image of power than that of the gray civil servants stationed in the Kremlin. Most of his work, however, consists of dodging embarrassing questions from journalists. A condemned opponent? Its role is not to comment on a court decision. A governor accused of corruption? The president will certainly be informed…

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Woman skating champion, girl influencer… The very glamorous family of Putin’s spokesperson