Z (Comme Z): a bloody teaser for the zombie comedy from the director of OSS 117

zombie comedy Z (Like Z)directed by Michel Hazanavicius, is revealed in the first bloody teasers.

Between After Blue – Dirty Paradise, Tirelessly, Bruno Reidal – Confession of a Murderer and soon OgreFrench genre cinema seems rather to flourish during this year 2022. As in all cinematographies, the quality of the films is uneven, but the whole shows a certain freshness and a will to impose a slice of cinema still little highlighted and acclaimed in our French-speaking countries – one year after the exception Titanium, which won the Palme d’Or at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

Witness the way in which certain local productions pass through the hexagonal mill of foreign influences, such as the next film by Michel Hazanavicius, Z (Like Z). zombie comedy remaking the clever and uninhibited Japanese cardboard, Don’t cut!the new feature film from the director of the first two OSS 117 begins to reveal itself in two first bloody teasers.

In these first images, we find some actors from the delirious cast of this new realization by Michel Hazanavicius, composed among others of Romain Duris and Bérénice Bejo, but also of Grégory Gadebois, Matilda Lutz, Simone Hazanavicius, Finnegan Oldfield, Luàna Bajrami and Jean- Pascal Zadi. A dense cast that mixes actors of comedies to regulars of less mainstream creations.

A diversity that does not seem to be found in these few images that simply introduce us to some main protagonists through two character teasers that are not really sought after and exciting. We find Romain Duris there who shouts… Bérénice Béjo who shouts… and a zombie who has his face severely redone. So of course, we are only in front of short teasers, but nothing very mysterious or even amusing in these somewhat clumsy images.

When you see a French horror comedy released in theaters

As a reminder, Z (Like Z) will tell the story of a zombie movie shoot that gets interrupted by a real zombie attack. These extracts at least have their generous spurts of blood on their side, announcing that the feature film will have fun aping the excesses and gore impulses of an authentic Z series. Add to that a grainy analog photography that seems to be interested in textures, despite a color palette that seems as flowery as the language of Bérénice Béjo in the extract.

Remember that Michel Hazanavicius has always set about rereading and pastiche of specific cinema codes, such as those of the spy films of the 1950s and 1960s in the OSS, or those characteristic of the style of the filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard in The Redoubtable. To have How? ‘Or’ What Z (Like Z) will be the continuity of all thatand if the scenario of the man will take up to the letter the device of that of Shin’ichiro Ueda and Ryoichi Wada in the original feature film of 2017.

To find out, you will need wait patiently for next June 15release date of Z (Like Z) in French cinemas.

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Z (Comme Z): a bloody teaser for the zombie comedy from the director of OSS 117