10 sunglasses to have in your wardrobe

From now on, glasses – whether prescription or sunglasses – are part of our looks. In summer as in winter, it is an essential accessory that can magnify a style or completely destroy a silhouette. Gentlemen, you will see that you really have to take an interest in this fashion item in its own right, with 10 must-have eyewear models to have in your wardrobe. You will understand everything!

1. The timeless Aviator model

This type of glasses is debated because it is really too present on the displays of our opticians, but for me, it is THE model that will put everyone on the same footing. Because now, it comes in various shapes, sizes and widths. Who doesn’t have the film Top Gun in mind when they take these golden Ray-Bans with green lenses out of their case?

Ray-Ban RB 3025 Aviator – L2823: 96 euros

2. The eco-friendly wooden bezel

More and more, our sunglasses are covered with a new material made of wood species resulting from sustainable development. They are a great way to set yourself apart. I see them in a bobo chic style made only of fair trade clothing (cotton, linen, toile de Nîmes…). And why not also with a costume?

Natural bamboo wood glasses: 30.98 euros

Natural wood glasses

3. The pilot model sportsman

I’m sure many of you like to imagine yourself behind the wheel of a beautiful red Italian with a prancing horse as a badge. This model will go best to square faces with fairly straight and marked features. The slightly oval shape of the bezel will soften facial features.

Carrera Endurance65: 70 euros

Carrera Champion CD3: €95.32

4. The legendary Blues Brother glasses

A safe bet in this model is the black frame sunglasses. Classic and completely timeless, it is now very fashionable in pastel or fluorescent colors. Two-tones are also very comfortable to wear and bring a touch of light to any look. To wear in a totally offbeat way in a preppy style for example.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB 2140: 116 euros

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB 2140

5. The model intellectual Pantos

You are going to tell me: what is this Pantos form? These glasses will make you see life in circles with their circle shape. This is one of the models that Johnny Depp often wears: a little dandy chic style with it and you could claim the Gongourt or Pulitzer Prize!

Persol PO3152S glasses: 200 euros

Persol glasses in Pantos shape

6. The retro vintage style

Sometimes looking back is good. On the one hand to know what we did as a fashion faux-pas, but also to recycle the best creations of the past. The semi-circle sun pattern is typically the good example. Imagine a throwback to the 1920s, with Ford factories rolling out the first automobiles driven by drivers with curly-pointed mustaches and tartan suits. You are in it!

Montblanc MB0080S glasses: 189 euros

Montblanc MB0080S Glasses

7. The “happy Seventies” glasses

A little seventies flower power and a hint of disco: here you have the perfect cocktail for a pair of glasses that will make you look laid back and relaxed. A touch of playboy from the 70s à la Clint Eastwood or Sean Connery, you can’t refuse, right?

Dolce & Gabbana DG2264 glasses: 165 euros

Dolce & Gabbana DG2264 Sunglasses

8. The technical and high-tech model

When I talk about technique, I especially have in mind the sunglasses that you can put on to go and do sports (jogging, skiing, mountain biking, etc.). First of all, you have to take a good look at whether this model fits you well at the temples to avoid losing it and it must above all have good UV protection and good reverberation to avoid being dazzled by the reflections of the sun.

Oakley OO9096 Fuel Cell glasses: 89 euros

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9. The sparkling neon model

Putting a bit of flashy color into a look doesn’t have to scare you. On the other hand, I advise you to wear this type of glasses with a very swimwear outfit, that is to say the look you will have when you go to the beach or the swimming pool. With plain pastel colored swim boxers, you will put your pair of glasses in the spotlight.

Oakley OO9374 Frogskins Lite glasses: 108 euros

Oakley Glasses

10. Unique designer glasses

I would tell you that for the latter, there is not really any recommendation to give you. I would only advise you to honor little-known designers who work their models in an artisanal way. If you look carefully, you will find models that are not too expensive with a style that will stick well to your skin.

It’s up to you to make your glasses wardrobe. Have fun trying out different shapes, colors and materials. It’s an accessory that’s easy to wear and show off so there’s no hesitation!

Jimmy Fairly La Lennon glasses: 99 euros

Jimmy Fairly La Lennon Glasses

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10 sunglasses to have in your wardrobe