3 books impossible to put down when you started them, to read this summer for the holidays

They will get you hooked. And that’s good you’re on vacation and you have time. These 3 books proposed by Zoé Brimaud, literary columnist take you on board in one go. They will make you forget everything because they are captivating.

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Starting your vacation with a book that will keep you going is the guarantee of a great escape. Especially if the book in question takes you on a story with such unbearable suspense that you won’t be able to put it down until you’ve finished it.

This is what offers you Zoe Brimaud, literary columnist. She selected 3 books by different authors. The goal is that from page 1 to the last you are captivated to the point of not being able to take your eyes off the story.

1“Between Fauves” by Colin Niel

A breathtaking scenario.

The plot of this book takes you to other paths. Know that no hunter is ever sure of his prey.

Summary : Martin is a guard at the Pyrenees National Park. He is working in particular on monitoring the last bears. But for months, we have not found the slightest trace of Cannellito, the only plantigrade with a little Pyrenean blood who still frequented these forests. No footprints all winter, no hairs on the hundreds of trees observed. Martin is more convinced every day: the hunters will have had the skin of the animal. The history of men, is it not that of the massacre of wild fauna? So, when on the Internet he sees the picture of a young woman in front of the body of a lion, hunting bow in hand, he is determined to find her and deliver her to public opinion. Even if of her, he only knows a pseudonym on social networks. And nothing of what happened a few weeks earlier in Africa.

Between wild animal hunting and man hunting, the Aspe valley in the snowy Pyrenees and the Kaokoland desert in Namibia, Colin Niel weaves a cruel plot where no hunter is ever sure of his prey.

2“The 6th Extinction” by Elizabeth Kolbert

A thrilling Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation into the great history of life on Earth.

If you like apocalyptic stories, this book is for you.

Zoe Brimaud

Summary: dSince the appearance of life on Earth, there have been five mass extinctions of species. Today, scientists estimate that our planet is experiencing the sixth, most devastating since the disappearance of the dinosaurs. But this time, it is the man who is the cause.

3“The Circle of Amboise” by Jean-Bernard Thonus

A historical and geopolitical thriller.

Leonardo da Vinci would have created an instrument allowing to see the future…

Zoe Brimaud

Summary : 1516. Leonardo da Vinci has just created his greatest invention: the circle of Amboise, a mysterious astrolabe capable of predicting the future. But very quickly, terrified by his power, the inventor instructs one of his disciples to conceal the object.2012. Strange deaths are suddenly reported in the newspapers: just before their death, the victims had been warned by anonymous messages! For Philip Stern, guardian of the Order of the Circle, there is no longer any doubt: Leonardo’s invention has fallen into the wrong hands and it is up to him to prevent the impending catastrophe. Because while an unprecedented climate of paranoia sets in, humanity is bogged down in the worst crisis it has ever experienced…


Zoé Brimaud recommends you.

Three readings that will keep you on your toes until you lose the desire to take a break.

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3 books impossible to put down when you started them, to read this summer for the holidays