A Pulitzer returns to France

Agence France Presse received its first prize for a photo taken in Afghanistan.

Agence France-Presse and the Huffington Post and Politico websites were honored Monday in New York with a Pulitzer Prize, the most prestigious award in the American press.

The New York Times daily won two Pulitzer prizes, notably in the category “international news” for Jeffrey Gettleman’s coverage of famine and conflict in East Africa.

Agence France-Presse photographer Massoud Hossaini, 30, gave AFP his first Pulitzer, winning the prize in the category “photo breaking news”for “his heartbreaking photo of a little girl crying in fear after a suicide attack” in Kabul during a Shia procession last December.

“A simple, fascinating photo that is remembered for a long time”underlined during a press conference the administrator of the Pulitzer Prize Sig Gissler.

Huffington Post journalist David Wood was honored in the category “national information”for his work on American veterans, returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s only the second time an online site has won the Pulitzer Prize, and it’s also a Pulitzer first for the Huffington Post.

“It just shows the growing importance of online sites”said Gissler.

The Huffington Post is an aggregation site for information content and online blogs, created in May 2005 by Ariana Huffington and calling on numerous external contributions. It covers current affairs, politics, environment, culture, media and many other topics.

The Politico site, distinguished through Matt Wuerker for its humorous cartoons, is exclusively devoted to politics.

Matt Wuerker was rewarded for his sketches “always funny” especially on the war between Republicans and Democrats in Washington.

These awards bear witness to a “changing media world” Mr. Gissler also said.

The Pulitzer Prize, established in 1904 by Joseph Pulitzer, is considered one of the most prestigious prizes in journalism. It is awarded — to one or more people, or to a publication — in 14 categories including “breaking news” (text and photo)“public service” (the most coveted, always awarded to a newspaper and not to an individual, and which this year went to the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper), “investigative journalism”local, national or international journalism, “commentary”, “editorial”, “press cartoon”…

Online-only publications can appear there since December 2009, provided they are at least weekly, but the Pulitzer does not apply to televisions or magazines.

The Pulitzer jury also awards seven prizes in the fields of literature, theater and music (writing fiction, biography, American history book, play, poetry and musical composition).

As every year, the winners, who win in addition to their title the sum of 10,000 dollars, will all be invited to a lunch in May on the campus of Columbia University, in New York.


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A Pulitzer returns to France