After Armageddon Time, James Gray will direct a series on a controversial character

After his semi-autobiographical film Armageddon Timefilmmaker James Gray will return with a series on a controversial figure in American culture.

Among the most anticipated films of this year 2022 are the new feature film directed by James Gray, Armageddon Time. This film, warmer than the recent Ad Astra according to the filmmaker, has not yet unveiled his pitch but is inspired by the filmmaker’s childhood. A dive into the New York high school where he studied which will bring together Anthony Hopkins, Anne Hathaway, Oscar Isaac and Cate Blanchett – who will play Donald Trump’s sister.. yes yes.

Armageddon Time will therefore be the director’s eighth feature film, which will follow directly with the shooting… of a series. In effect, Deadline recently announced that the director of The night belongs to us is about to make a biopic series about controversial author Norman Mailersoberly titled mail.

After the jungle and the moon, James Gray returns to Earth and stays there

Writer, but also actor, screenwriter, director and reporter, Norman Mailer received two Pulitzer Prizes during his career, wrote the biographies of Marilyn Monroe and Pablo Picasso, but is also known to have been the subject of lively debates around his political commitment. His conflicts with literary figures such as Truman Capote, Gore Vidal and James Baldwin were also much commented upon in their time.

With his writing as incisive as the knife he used to attack one of his wives, Adèle Morales, in 1960, Norman Mailer has become an author as adored as he is debated. Lately, a publishing house called Random House flatly refused to publish unpublished texts by the author because of his 1957 essay, White Negro, which questioned the cultural appropriation exerted on African-American culture in the United States. Still, director James Gray recently shared his interest in the character:

Photo Joaquin PhoenixWhen we tell you that we still have to wait to discover Armageddon Time

“It is hard to find another person whose voice meant more to his day than that of Norman Mailer. He portrayed humanity in all its ugly and outrageous glory through a prism all his own. look forward to the exciting challenge of examining his savage legacy through this series.”

mail is not the first excursion of James Gray in the world of the series since he has already directed an episode of the program The Red Road for the American channel Sundance TV. However, he will stage the entire series here which will cover the author’s story from World War II to the invention of Wi-Fi. Norman Mailer’s son, John Buffalo Mailer, is behind this creation, adapted from the novel written by J Michael Lennon, Norman Mailer: A Double Life.

To see what all this will be worth, knowing that everything James Gray touches immediately becomes exciting and captivating. Waiting for more news from mail, let’s watch the sound output Armageddon Timewhich should land later this year, after a possible visit to Cannes.

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After Armageddon Time, James Gray will direct a series on a controversial character