Amazone Prime Video: Here are the new releases for the month of June that you absolutely must watch!

Here are the new releases as well as our best selections of titles available on Amazon Prime Video! Do not miss !

How many hours have we all wasted in endless scrolling streaming? Hoping for a little help, you end up going through title after title, intent on finding the right movie. But without knowing what to choose in the face of the abundance of options!

No worries, we’ve done all the hard work for you by scouring the catalog for the best choices for an entertaining evening. So we’ve put together a list of the best movies streaming on Amazon Prime Video right now. Want to know more? Find us then in the following lines! To your readings!

Amazone Prime Video: These films not to be missed on the platform!

This Amzone Prime Video title that we are going to present to you is a program where the gargantuan talent of Denzel Washington invests both in front of and behind the camera, Fences brings the magnificent August Wilson’s 1985 Pulitzer Prize-winning play to the big screen. It’s a movie that makes the most of a single location where Washington plays patriarch Troy Maxson, a working-class man who reflects on the sacrifices he has made in his life.

At his side, in more ways than one, we find a revealing Viola Davis in the role of his wife Rose. Both had to give up a lot of things for their son to have the chance to have a better life than they ever had, a choice they have to make and try to come to terms with. HAS discover in full on Amazon Prime Video!

Fences is a film that shows the strength of its actors, giving them pages of consistent dialogue to get their teeth into. All the actors are not content to show themselves up to the event. But takes it in new and interesting directions that make this feature film an adaptation in its own right. Every word spoken for more than two hours carries enormous weight. Which makes for a film that may seem small in scope and setting, but becomes epic in its emotional reach. It’s on Amazon Prime Video!

Many have been waiting for it and it is finally coming back! This June 3, Homelander will be back on Amazon Prime Video in the third season of The Boys. The long list continues with the famous prequel to Fairfax. This is the second saga of the irreverent anime series! Keep in mind its release date. It will be June 10, 2022!

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This Amazon Prime Video title received a wide range of reactions when it was released, mother! remains a distinct vision of Darren Aronofsky, which turns out to be one of his boldest. Additionally, it features Jennifer Lawrence as an unnamed woman who lives in a seemingly idyllic home alongside Javier Bardem.

In case it wasn’t already clear, this is a story that wears its biblical references on its sleeve before it hits you in the head. As she begins a slow descent into hell. Confronting and chaotic, the film you can find on Amazon Prime Video is as often brutal as it is brutally beautiful. The house has a malleable and mischievous decor, changing from claustrophobic to spooky expansion the next moment.

When we see Lawrence wandering the halls, this impression is reinforced by the near-perpetual close-ups of his face as the dread sets in. However, the film will not appeal to everyone, but despite this, it is all the more fascinating ! To discover absolutely on Amazone Prime Video!

On June 13, 2022, Amazone Prime Video has another highly anticipated title in store for its subscribers! It is An ordinary spy. It’s a feature film that will star the actor in Doctor Strange 2, Bénédict Cumberbtach! However, it is important to keep in mind that the events quoted in this film are taken from a true story! Indeed, it takes us to the 1960s, the Cold War era more precisely. To discover on the platform!

Amazon Prime Video: The Sandlotis

One of the most hilarious and heartfelt coming of age movies of all time! The Sandlotis is a sports film as silly as it is sweet! It centers on the character of Scotty Smalls, played by Tom Guiry, an endearing, stupid and lonely child. The latter has moved to a new place where he does not know anyone. When it looks like he won’t have any friends for the summer, he meets Mike Vitar’s charismatic Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez who introduces him to a group of kids who go out and play baseball every day.

This is where Smalls, as the other kids call him, finds friendship. But also a bunch of shenanigans when a priceless baseball is accidentally knocked over a fence. Besides, this accessory contains a beast that no one dares to face. Well written and very funny, this film paints a portrait of youth that is sentimental without being superficial. It is a work that lives in the details, capturing what it means to grow up with precision and love for all that adolescence has to offer! Not to be missed on Amazon Prime Video!

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Amazone Prime Video: Here are the new releases for the month of June that you absolutely must watch!