Ben Affleck has a very personal connection to The Tender Bar

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Ben affleck tried again with George clooney because the Tender bar, an adaptation by the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist JR MoehringerAn orphan boy’s 2005 memoir about his struggle to be a man. Affleck plays a nifty small-town bartender who takes his nephew under his wing, offering unique advice in this coming-of-age story directed by Clooney. It’s a story Affleck feels deeply connected to: his father, Timothy Affleck, worked as a bartender in Massachusetts in the 1980s.

“Personally, I have a lot in common with this film. My father worked in several bars. He worked at the Bar with a Bucket and he worked at the Cantab Lounge for many years, ”Affleck said at the film’s Hollywood premiere on Sunday night at the TCL Chinese Theater. “My parents are divorced, so my brother [Casey Affleck] and I would visit my father at his workplace like a lot of people. My parents work, so I spend a lot of time with my dad at the bar.

“It doesn’t strike me as strange or unusual,” he added. “I actually understood and felt the title of the memoir, and the film had a bit of a paradox that blushed a bit at the beginning. For example, how can there be an impactful, warm and stimulating environment like this in a bar? But I felt it as a kid, and I was totally connected with it, especially with my dad, in that safe space. There is a world of people there. There is a community with people to chat with and people who have supported you. “

The series begins in 1972, with nine-year-old JR (played first by newcomer Daniel Ranieri, then by Tye Sheridan) and his fiercely protective mother (Arabian lily) moved to his grandfather’s house (Christopher lloyd) hometown of Long Island. JR finds solace and supervision in a nearby pub, where Affleck’s Uncle Charlie works and spends time with his quirky dragonfly friends.

“The truth is, the film is about – and I hate going into clichés – about finding a sense of community, a group of people who support and love children and believe in them wherever they are,” he said. declared the actor. “I’m really proud of this. I like it. You don’t like all the movies you make. All of them have failed. But that story really resonated with me, and George’s movie is absolutely awesome. “

Affleck won a Golden Globe nominee Monday morning for his performance as Uncle Charlie, a self-taught truth-teller who teaches JR the mysteries of thugs. Affleck’s father, who was an aspiring playwright, passed his own passion on to Affleck.

“Strangely and coincidentally, my father really instilled in me a respect and appreciation for the language and writing that Uncle Charlie has for JR,” Affleck said. “He’s self-taught. He didn’t go to college, but he was really interested in writing and literature. He cares more. He almost has a chip on his shoulder because he doesn’t go to a fancy school or prep school where you read Ulysses and Gatsby. But he gained this and all the knowledge himself.

As an adult, Affleck wondered if he had a similar chip on his shoulder. “But I am grateful to my father. His writing is very good. He has a gift for writing that I don’t have, which is the gift of brevity. I would like him to instill that in me.

Before Tender bar, Affleck collaborates with Clooney in 2012 historical drama Argo, won the Oscar for Best Picture. Affleck directed and starred in the film, while Clooney produced.

“George is one of the best storytellers. He’s an expert and he brings you the top performing grades, ”Affleck said. “George is someone who makes you better and he is very welcoming. It makes you feel loved and included. I feel extremely lucky to have worked with him. The whole experience on this film is very pleasant. “

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Ben Affleck has a very personal connection to The Tender Bar