CHINA – POLITICS: What if a coup dethroned Xi Jinping?

Such is the rumor that has recently taken hold of Beijing and that the excellent site Asialyst (which we recommend you read), relays in a recent article. Here are excerpts.

Saturday, September 24, suddenly, the craziest rumors ignited the web according to Asialyst. A coup would have overthrown Xi Jinping. The master of Communist China arrested, a general of the People’s Liberation Army would have taken control of the country. Incredible news that stirred the Indian media before even being picked up by the respectable American weekly Newsweek. But after the first hours of panic, the breath quickly subsided and the rumor gave way to reality: Xi Jinping is still there, more than ever at the height of power and about to be reappointed for a third term in office. the head of a country where coups d’etat do not exist. With a few days of hindsight, speculation is rife: where did this operation start? It looks very much like a carefully orchestrated disinformation maneuver. Perhaps even at the highest state level. Of course, nothing can be proven.

Back to picture. It is 9 a.m. in Beijing when this incredible news spreads on social networks: Xi Jinping has been overthrown and placed under house arrest inside Zhongnanhai, a set of buildings placed under very high security where the heart of the power on the edge of the Forbidden City in the center of the Chinese capital.

The rumor is accompanied by a certain number of specific details which could give substance to this “information”: almost no more flights over Beijing and a good part of Chinese territory, while a column of tanks 60 kilometers is heading towards Beijing. A specialized application also gives an apparently indisputable image: no theft has been recorded for several hours on the outskirts of the Chinese capital, while a video shot by the driver of a car shows dozens of tanks on the opposite lane of a highway.

We distinctly hear this driver comment live: “But what is going on? Why all these tanks in front on the highway? “Impossible to identify neither the driver, nor the license plate of the vehicle, nor either the date of the shooting of this video, nor finally the place of the shooting.

But that was enough to unleash mainstream media comments in India where some claimed on social media that the world was witnessing the fall of the most powerful man on the planet live and that the Chinese regime had changed. of hands. According to some Twitter accounts, sometimes very popular, such as that of the Indian politician with 10 million subscribers Subramanian Swamy or the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Laurie Garrett, President Xi Jinping was the victim of a coup d’etat and had been placed incommunicado. by rivals within the Chinese Communist Party. “Planes have completely disappeared from the sky in China and there are rumors of a coup d’etat implemented by General Li Qiaoming to overthrow Xi Jinping,” said a tweet from Laurie Garrett.

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CHINA – POLITICS: What if a coup dethroned Xi Jinping?