Comics, manga, comics: what you shouldn’t miss this month

The month of March has just ended, here are the comics not to be missed!

In March, we bring out our video cassettes to dive into nostalgia. Between two cult licenses, these last few weeks have also been an opportunity to discover some nuggets in the graphic novel department. The kind that is impossible to let go once the first page is turned.

The Masters of the Universe – Revelation

Screenplay by Tim Sheridan and Kevin Smith, drawing by Mindy Lee – 96 pages
Published on January 5, 2022 by Panini Comics – 23€

© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Bring out your old Mattel figurines, the Masters of the Universe are back! After the success of the Netflix animated series, Panini Comics released the first volume of the collection at the beginning of the year. Masters of the Universe: Revelation. An adventure that smells of nostalgia and testosterone, as the legendary Muscle Man begins a new battle against his most dangerous enemies. And to think we missed that.

Between Démonia, Skeletor and Musclor, the entire clique of Masters of the Universe returns this year on glossy paper, in a declaration of love to the 1980s. Direct sequel to the cult series produced by Filmation, Revelation offers itself retro illustrations at willwhose bright colors and cartoonish details are reminiscent of the excellent anthology Batman: The Animated Adaptationspublished in February by Urban Comics.

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The Book of Witches T1 and T2

Script and drawing by Ebishi Maki – 240 pages
Published on March 2, 2022 by Glénat editions – €10.75

Comic book selection The Book of Witches
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

With a few weeks delay, Glénat Manga finally publishes the first two volumes of the trilogy The Book of Witches. It is clear that the wait was worth it: behind its false air of shojo, the seinen brilliantly mixes fantasy, werewolf and exorcism, for a dark and breathless result. Only Geralt de Riv would be missing to complete the picture of a triptych whose conclusion we are already impatiently awaiting. A little patience, the third volume is expected for the end of April.

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Script and drawing by Alex Bacci – 232 pages
Published on March 2, 2022 by Glénat editions – 22€

Drift comics selection
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

After the attacks of September 11, a Japanese journalist in the midst of an existential crisis decides to drop everything to write a report in Wagu, in a remote bay in the Japanese countryside. There, he meets his new trainee Koji, but also the Amas, a community of fisherwomen capable of impressive freediving, despite their advanced age and rudimentary equipment.

For his first graphic novel at Glénat, Alexi Bacci hits very hard. Takeshi Noda’s plunge into the unknown goes well beyond the simple story of fishing, and quickly turns into a personal, almost initiatory journey. The story is carried by very nice illustrations, who skilfully play with lights and colors to add a fantastic dimension. A crush that shines with its poetry.

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Moon Deer

Script and drawing by Yoann Kavege – 220 pages
Published on March 2, 2022 by Bubble BD editions – 23€

Moon Deer Comics Selection
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

We’ve been waiting for it for a long time, it’s finally here. After successful crowdfunding on Ulule, Yoann Kavege offers us this year Moon Deer. One poetic and thrilling graphic novelwhose minimalist scenario only has the effect of reinforcing the masterful graphic work of the author.

Between Wall-E and the excellent Descend by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen, Moon Deer traces the mission of a astronaut deer, determined to hatch the last egg. A perilous quest, since the character is quickly chased by a faceless enemy, determined to restore the Great Silence. A very high-flying spatial camera, which will take several readings to appreciate all its talent.

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Script and drawing by Lukas Jüliger – 168 pages
Published on March 4, 2022 by Ankama editions – €18.90

Unfollow BD
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

With its assumed graphic and screenplay biases, Unfollow is a UFO in the comic landscape. Lukas Jüliger’s graphic novel mixes issues as current as climate anxiety, the race for social networks and the impact of new technologies on our daily lives. Without being a total success, it will not have left us indifferent.

Social media star, modern messiah and figure of environmental activism, Earthboi uses his notoriety and his Christlike aura to rally the whole world to his cause. In his fight, he meets many followers, but also Yu, a multi-hat influencer who will become his greatest ally. If the subject often lacks finesse in its narration, Unfollow stands out as a interesting thought on current issues.

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Batman Detective Comics Infinite T1

Screenplay by Mariko Tamaki, drawing by Dan Mora – 288 pages
Published on March 4, 2022 by Urban Comics editions – 23€

Batman Detective Comics Comics Selection
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

In line with the Infinite Frontier relaunch earlier this year, the series batman detective also has the right to a fresh start. This time, the batman is stuck in a machination that is beyond him, and finds himself chased by a mountain of muscle in search of revenge.

Deprived of his gadgets and pushed to his last limits, the vigilante will have to call on his sense of intelligence to carry out this new investigation. When the mask is no longer enough, it’s up to Bruce Wayne to take over. As always, we love the dark novel atmosphere of Detective Comics stories, which opt for darker investigations, less super heroic but just as breathtaking.

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Screenplay by Séverine Vidal, drawing by Vincent Sorel – 128 pages
Published on March 9, 2022 by Glénat editions – 22€

Naduah Comics Selection
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Cynthia Ann Parker is still a child when she is kidnapped by a group of natives. Raised far from her culture, the young woman grew up in the Comanche tradition, and ended up becoming one of the most respected figures in her community. But twenty-four years after her abduction, the one who now calls herself Naduah is torn from her family againthis time by Texas rangers convinced to save her from the clutches of her captors.

Cruel and pessimistic, the true story of Cynthia Ann Parker offers a very beautiful paper adaptation under the line of Vincent Sorel and the pen of Séverine Vidal. The kind of comic that we didn’t expect, and that we finally have a hard time letting go of before having finished it.

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Warhammer 40,000 – Marneus Calgar

Screenplay by Kieron Gillen, art by Jacen Burrows – 128 pages
Published on March 16, 2022 by Panini editions – €19

Warhammer Comics Selection
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Warhammer 40,000, it’s not just a strategy game with far too many miniatures to count (especially when you decide to paint them). Since the 1980s, the license has become cult among players, but also among readers, who have been able to discover over the years the many paper versions of the brand.

This time, it is to the character of Marneus Calgar that Panini pays homage. The legendary Chapter Master of the Ultramarines faces a threat to all of humanity, as an enemy from his past resurfaces and threatens the entire system of Ultramar. A way for fans to discover the origins of the character, but also for new recruits to dive headfirst into a cult license.

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Welcome to your new life

Screenplay by Jake Halpern, drawing by Michael Sloan – 192 pages
Published on March 17, 2022 by Buchet Chastel editions – €24.90

Comics selection Welcome to your new life
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

2018 Pulitzer Prize for Cartooning, Welcome to your new life is a poignant journalistic account of a Syrian family who came to find refuge in the United States when war bombarded their daily lives. Barely speaking English, with no money and no friends, the Aldabaans will have to rebuild a daily life left behindand face the mistrust of their new neighbors, when Donald Trump has just been elected President of the United States.

Touching and sadly topical, Welcome to your new life echoes many strong topics, from the war in Syria, to the recent Ukrainian invasion, through an increasingly tense situation in France on issues of immigration and racism. A testimony to put in all handssigned by the talented Jake Halpern.

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Comics, manga, comics: what you shouldn’t miss this month