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There have been rumors for a long time about the most powerful man in American cinema. Yes Harvey Weinstein, had wandering hands.

Yes, we advised trainees, young and pretty, not to be alone with him in an office or an elevator. Of course, from New York to Los Angeles anyone who worked in the cinema knew that the big boss of Miramax had a bit of a flirt.

But these fellow euphemisms hid above all the dangerous behavior of a sexual predator, sociopath and pervert, who had developed a whole system of financial compensation to avoid complaints for sexual assault.

And one day a woman spoke, then another and yet another, leading other women to speak…

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Thanks to its courageous women, the “# me too” movement is getting underway.

But to attack a powerful man who buys the silence of his victims, you need a damn solid case.

For the “New York Times” Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor will gather, cross-check and verify the testimonies of actresses, known or not, employees, trainees, all people who have suffered sexual assault from their all-powerful boss.

But isn’t Harvey Weinstein, in a world of patriarchal work, the tree that hides the forest?

“She Said” by Maria Schrader, in theaters tomorrow, November 23, tells the story of the investigation that led to the downfall of American producer Harvey Weinstein.

Are we watching or not? She said, the film on the Weinstein affair | VL Media

This is the film adaptation of the eponymous book by two New York Times journalists who were awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for their remarkable investigation into the crimes of Harvey Weinstein.

A serious film directed by German Maria Schrader, whose I’m your man, her previous film, German came out recently in France

“Well played, well conducted, effective (despite a sometimes somewhat impersonal staging) She said” is a real report on the birth of the “Me Too” movement and on the way of working of a good journalist.

Stubborn, perseverings, Megan Twohey and Jody Kantor are attacking very heavy in the person of Harvey Weinstein but their relentless work has paid off.

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The film, an extremely precise and detailed portrait of this investigation, should be on the program of all good schools of journalism. From a breathtaking and immersive story specific to the investigation, it is the portrait of two female journalists that the film paints brilliantly.

Zoé Kazan embodies Jodi Kantor and her duet with her colleague Megan Twoney (Carey Mulligan) with passion and intensity. It is particularly effective, as they mutually support each other and gradually succeed in overcoming the unsaid and the omerta.

She said is a very good investigative film about one of the biggest scandals in the history of cinema and makes the respectable choice to give victims a broad voice.American cinema is fascinated by journalistic investigations, it’s almost a genre in its own right.

In short, if you like The President’s Men, Spotlight, Pentagon Papers , this She Said, immersive and breathless is from the same line!

She Said”, on screens November 23, directed by Maria Schrader ***

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[CRITIQUE] She Said: the investigative film that describes the origins of #Metoo – Baz’art: Films, books…