Decision to Leave: a stunning trailer for Park Chan-wook’s sensual thriller

After a sensual first teaser, Park Chan-wook’s romantic thriller, Decision to Leave comes into focus in a striking new trailer.

After having graced the screens of the sublime and bewitching Miss in 2016, the master of anxiety Park Chan-wook left the cinematographic landscape to better invest the serial universe in 2018 with a first and poisonous series: The Little Drummer Girl. The gentleman also seems to have liked the small screen since he is preparing the series The Sympathizer, adapted from the eponymous Pulitzer Prize.

But obviously, he did not give up the cinema. While preparing an ultra-violent western titled The Brigands of Rattlecreekthe filmmaker first decided to reinvest the viper and syrupy universe of the romantic thriller with Decision to Leave, from 2020. A pandemic and other joys later, the film will be presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2022 in official competition: the opportunity perhaps for the filmmaker to win a shooting Palme d’Or, he who won the Grand Prix in 2004 for old boy and the jury prize in 2009 for Thirst, this is my blood.

In any case, if the footage had hitherto played with a sibylline promotion based on a poster, a photo and an intoxicating teaser, Decision to Leave revealed himself in a new trailer relayed by The Playlistwhose we are struggling to recover.

An honest policeman, played by Park Hae-il (The Host), investigation into the suspicious death of a man whose body was discovered in the mountains. As the character investigates, he comes to suspect the deceased’s wife, Seo-rae (Tang Wei), despite his growing attraction to her.

Manifesto of the absolute formalism of its author, these new images respond initially to an aestheticism pushed to its climax, and toa sensual organicity giving pride of place to all the erotic tension raised by the two protagonists. Both sensitive and carnal, the trailer underlies the dizzying nature of this deep dive into the complex throes of this multidimensional relationship, and simultaneously presages the brutality of the impact.

Hae-Joon and Seo-rae question each other as they confront each other, search for each other as they reject each other, and gleefully play each other as the backdrop unfolds. an investigation with more disturbing returns than they seem.


The footage therefore seems to promise a narrative manipulating the viewer’s expectations and certainties, like those of the characters, using a multiple narrativity to better mystify each other. While she turns out to be much less bereaved than a newly widowed young woman should be, it seems difficult to know if the young woman is insidiously luring the one played by Park Hae-il, or if the latter is also innocent. she claims to be.

An interrogation condemned to remain in suspense until the release of the film in theaters on June 29. We remind you for all intents and purposes that it will be possible, by then, to discover the hypnotic Miss starting May 13 on the Prime Video platform.

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Decision to Leave: a stunning trailer for Park Chan-wook’s sensual thriller