Deferment for Nagy

After a tumultuous week, Bears head coach Matt Nagy was finally able to savor a 16-14 victory and a serving of turkey in the Thanksgiving duel against the Lions. No need to celebrate though, the end is approaching.

When a coach’s head ends up on the chopping block, there’s nothing like buying a little time than a duel against the Lions.

Especially since Nagy has brought his career record as a driver for the Bears to 7-1 against this rare team that he has been able to figure.

Once again, it will have taken everything anyway. For the eighth time this season, the team of one who had been hired for his offensive genius, scored 20 points or less. This scenario had also occurred eight times last year. And nine times the year before. How far will the Bears be satisfied with such anemic production?

This week, a credible reporter from Chicago, winner of a prestigious Pulitzer Prize, mentioned that Nagy would be dismissed after the game against the Lions no matter what the outcome.

Was the information wrong or the Bears just adjusted the shot at the last moment, given yesterday’s positive result? The question is, since no one in the senior management of the team bothered to deny the information.

It would have been easy to issue a trivial statement saying that the Bears never discussed the possibility of a termination with Nagy.

The simple fact that Nagy’s bosses have not lifted a finger says a lot about the low love rating enjoyed by the coach internally.


Nagy is 32-27 since arriving in Chicago, in addition to having brought his team twice to the playoffs. It’s far from appalling, but it’s his inability to make the attack work that sinks him more than anything.

Nagy doesn’t deserve to stay in office, but unbelievable as it sounds, he still did better than his two predecessors, John Fox and Marc Trestman. This is to say how the Bears are encrusted in their doldrums.

It was last year that Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace should have been fired. By leaving them in office, the team’s senior management gave their support to the tandem drafting and starting the development of Justin Fields.

On the sidelines yesterday, the young quarterback will have to start again on new bases and a new system. A precious year in the garbage …


In Game 2 on the schedule, the Cowboys continued their downfall with a third loss in four games, 36-33 in overtime, to the Raiders. The only opponent defeated during this sad streak was Atlanta.

Obviously, the Cowboys were without receivers Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb, which didn’t help their cause. Except that it was the defense that faltered. This scenario was to be expected for this unit which spent more than 39 minutes in the field. Without her dominant receivers, Dak Prescott racked up 375 yards, but 123 yards came from three plays that made the aerial attack look better than it actually looked. As for the ground attack, it has never been a factor against one of the defenses that pull the most against the race.

The Cowboys are still firmly in the saddle atop the NFC East Division, but they can’t get enough of it, with the Eagles playing some good football lately.

In addition, it is a pity that the most prominent stars of this meeting were the officials. With 28 penalties awarded for 276 yards, they stole the show again. At the rate things are going, the offensive strategy may be reduced to throwing a prayer bomb and hoping for a handkerchief. When such a good game becomes terrible to watch, there is a problem.


After the massacre suffered against the Colts a week earlier, the Bills used Thanksgiving to have an effective game, in a 31-6 victory over the Saints.

Despite two interceptions, Josh Allen had a good time with four touchdown passes. The attack is not yet completely in good shape, however. The 113 rushing yardage is deceptive, as Allen has amassed 43 yards of that total. Both forwarders Devin Singletary and Matt Breida got just 2.9 yards per carry.

The defense has been totally in control and in the case of the Bills, the real test comes with two games in four weeks against the Patriots. The end of the season promises to be exciting.

In their defense, the Saints were deprived of their two carriers Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram. The latter are still as lifeless with Trevor Siemian at quarterback and a very weak group of receivers. The Saints are left with a negative record and it will be necessary to think about looking to Taysom Hill for a spark, although it is probably not a long-term solution. With the loss, the Saints’ record slips to 5-6 and if the playoffs start today, they would be excluded.

A month ago, the Saints were 5-2 and looking solid. This is proof number 2473 that a month in the NFL is an eternity.

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Deferment for Nagy