Elizabeth Tulloch / Superman and Lois: “The character of Lois embodied emancipation and modernity long before the time” – News TV Télé Z

Her first role as an actress was that of the girlfriend of R2-D2 in a parody documentary produced by George Lucas and which told us about the daily life of the robot of the franchise Star Wars ? It is also seen in The Artist, a film which will orbit Jean Dujardin around the planet Hollywood. With the series superman and lawsthis actress with a high IQ – she studied at Harvard is breaking popularity records. Above all, she embodies a Lois Lane who would almost give complexes to her superhero husband…

TeleZ.fr: What did you know about the “supermanian” universe before you found yourself in the series superman and laws ?

Elizabeth Tulloch: I had seen Richard Donner’s first film with Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder, nothing else! Which suits me very well. I indeed embody a Loïs Lane in my own way and without referring to… I absolutely wanted to bring my stone to the building.

My relationship with Superman? Frankly I was not fascinated by him! I was more versed in Barbie dolls and in a group called Menudo.

How would you describe Lois Lane?

She is a woman with strong convictions. He is someone who makes all the decisions in his life based on the search for truth and justice. She is a woman who does not compromise and who does not necessarily seek Pulitzer prizes or any other glory that would flatter her ego.

In her eyes, the most important thing is also to be a mother and an exemplary wife. Even if the man she loves displays superpowers which basically complicates her existence a little…

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. The postulate of superman and laws, is that we are in a world where the identity of Superman has been known for several years, that he is married to Lois Lane and that they had two children together: Jordan and Jonathan, two teenagers, whose one of the two is on medication because he suffers from social phobia. The series focuses on this family who will set down their suitcases in Smallville, the city where Superman grew up and which has nothing hospitable about it…

You are right ! This is one of the aspects of this series that I appreciate the most because I find it original. Lois will be perceived as an outsider in Smallville. It’s hard for her. Until now, in Metropolis, in this big city where she was very comfortable, people trusted her! She will therefore have to convince a local population who does not see her arrival very favorably!

superman and laws revolves around two fundamental questions: How to reconcile a career as a journalist and her status as a mother when her superhero husband, often absent, spends his nights and days saving the world?

Never before have screenwriters crafted a story that is more about family drama than a succession of scenes in which Superman plays only with his power. The questions that Superman and Lois are asking themselves are very current and on the same level as what “normal” parents live in the four corners of the planet!

Do you honestly think Superman could exist without Lois?

These two characters have an interesting dynamic. They already respect each other and are driven by the same engine: doing good and fighting evil. Certainly with different weapons. The words Lane writes can have as much carry and impact as the rays that shoot out of Superman’s eyes.

The reason Lois and Clark have been such an iconic duo since 1938 is that they are bound by a form of mutual admiration and understanding. Before she even knew that Clark was Superman, Lois had sensed that this man had something very special about him. His intuition is incredible!

However, she is not a silent minority and manages to impose herself in her relationship!

Basically, your character is a feminist pioneer in her genre…

When it was presented to the public in 1938, women were still submissive to men. In real life, in cinema and in literature, it must be admitted that they were often treated as stooges!

The character of Lois embodied emancipation and modernity long before its time. You were, in fact, in the presence of a woman who was making a career in a corporation which had the reputation of being one of the most macho: the press!

From the start, she was able to demonstrate that she was obstinate and that she would not hesitate to put herself in danger too! In superman and laws, the two central characters also have their respective enemies. For Superman, it’s the villainous John Henry Irons (played by Wolé Parks, editor’s note). For Loïs, it’s Morgan Edge (played by Adam Rayner, editor’s note), the new owner of the Daily Planet. An opportunist who doesn’t give a damn about journalism!

By offering himself this daily newspaper, the latter decides to save money and dismisses several employees, including Clark Kent! Morgan is a manipulative and corrupt being. Lois will do anything to fight him. In a way, she also has a power: an unfailing determination!

Few people know it, but you are the only woman in the world who can boast of having Batman and Superman as a husband at the same time!

Exact ! Well, manner of speaking. My husband, actor David Giuntoli lends his voice to Batman in cartoons produced by DC Comics. On TV, I’m married to Superman on the show we’re talking about.

But you want to know what’s the most fun in all of this? It’s that my husband had auditioned for the title role of man of steel. Failing to have landed the job, it is finally me who gravitates around this superhero (laughs) !

Your husband is not too jealous?

Jealous of what? That I got this role or that I’m married to Superman? (Laughs) Honestly, if every time he kisses an actress in a series or me an actor, we had a crisis, it would quickly become unbearable!

That said, the chemistry worked well with Tyler (Tyler Hoechlin who embodies Superman, editor’s note). We adore each other. When we look at our respective schedules and see that we are not touring together, we are very disappointed. I really like this bond with him. We are so complementary. I have also never laughed so much in my life on set with a co-star.

You told us earlier that Lois Lane was a brilliant woman. In terms of IQ, you’re not bad either, since you studied at Harvard?

Yes, a Master of Fine Arts. I was then considering opening a gallery of paintings!

How did your parents react when you told them you were considering becoming an actress?

My father, who always teases me, often says to me: “By the way, remind me again why I spent so much money on college that eventually got you into acting in Hollywood?” »

But I know he’s very proud of me and he doesn’t miss a single episode of superman and laws.

superman and lawsfrom Tuesday July 12 at 9:10 p.m., on TF1.

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Elizabeth Tulloch / Superman and Lois: “The character of Lois embodied emancipation and modernity long before the time” – News TV Télé Z