Google and YouTube invest $13 million in partnership with network of ‘international fact-checkers’

Google and Youtube announced on Tuesday that they would allocate $13.2 million to a global network of fact-checkers “on the front line to fight misinformation”.

The centerpiece of this investment is the $12 million Global Fact Check Fund to support the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), which includes 135 fact-checking organizations from 65 countries in more than 80 languages. The fund will be opened at the beginning of 2023.

Google and YouTube said it was by far their largest grant dedicated to fact-checking.

“The Global Fact Check Fund will help fact-checkers expand existing operations or launch new ones to raise the level of information, elevate credible sources, and reduce the damage caused by error and corruption. misinformation around the world »announced Google on its site.

Money, according toIFCNwill be mainly allocated to 96 organizations that have adopted the IFCN fact-checking principles and are found to be compliant. Among them are PolitiFact, Reuters, Snopes and The Washington Post Fact Checker.

“The world needs fact-checking more than ever. This partnership with Google and YouTube provides financial support to global fact-checkers and is a step in the right direction.”said Baybars Örsek, Executive Director of the IFCN. “And while there is a lot of work to be done, this partnership has sparked a useful collaboration and a milestone. »

The IFCN is hosted by the Poynter Institute, a nonprofit journalism school in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Describing himself as a “world leader in journalism” and one “opinion leader”Poynter receives funding of the Charles Koch Foundation, a libertarian and conservative organization, as well as a dozen progressive groups, including the Open Society Foundationscreated and chaired by George Soros.

Poynter is also home to PolitiFact, a well-known fact-checking organization in the United States.

When Barack Obama proposed his health care system in 2008, his opponents criticized him for wanting to create a government-run system. Those to which Barack Obama had replied: “No. 1, let me repeat, if you have a health care plan that you like, you can keep it. » Pulitzer Prize Winner, PolitiFact, had “checked” and confirmed that what Barack Obama said was “true”.

Politifact has always been criticized for its leftist bias.

According to one recent analysis from the conservative watchdog Media Research Center (MRC), Politifact is “much more sensitive” about someone making false claims about Biden than about Biden making false claims about someone.

The MRC’s analysis focused on the Democratic president’s first year in office, during which PolitiFact fact-checked 40 times, while his critics were fact-checked 230 times. This pattern continued over the next eight months, from January 20 to September 19, 2022, during which PolitiFact checked information about Biden 18 times and that of his critics 108 times.

“In his first 20 months in office, Biden was fact-checked 58 times, while opponents of Biden were fact-checked 338 times”said the MRC. “Overall, there were 5.8 fact-checks from opponents for one fact-check from the president. »

In addition, the MRC indicated that Politifact often rated “pretty wrong” or worse to opponents of Biden, while Biden’s misguided claims, such as the evacuation of US armed forces from Afghanistan has been a “extraordinary success”that the US economy experienced a “zero percent inflation” in July 2022 and that it was “titular professor” at the University of Pennsylvania, received lower grades.

In 2017, Google integrated several fact-checking features into its search services, including warnings that appear next to articles available on Google News to let users know what they’re worth.

“For the first time when you search on Google there will be an authoritative result that will appear containing fact-checks on one or more of the public claims made, you will see this information clearly on the search results page”, then announced Google.

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Google and YouTube invest $13 million in partnership with network of ‘international fact-checkers’