Here are ten book ideas to give away for Christmas, according to the tastes of your loved ones

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7:38 p.m., 04 December 2021

Giving a book often means taking someone close to you in a story and leaving them with a much more cherished memory than a quickly forgotten voucher or an impersonal candle. As long as you choose the right book for the right person. Nicolas Carreau, who hosts the show The voice is book every Sunday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Europe 1, guides us in this choice, with a selection of ten novels that he has read, that he liked, and of which he received the authors on his show.

Adapt, by Clara Dupont-Monod: a triple award-winning novel

Femina Prize, Goncourt for high school students and Landerneau Prize, the three awards were given this year to Clara Dupont-Monod’s latest novel, Adapt. So it’s hard to go wrong by offering this sensitive story of a family upset by the arrival of a severely disabled child. It is through the voices of three children that the author unfolds her story, the eldest who welcomes this brother with open arms, the youngest prevented by difference and the youngest born after the death of this child.

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The factory of memories, by Clélia Renucci: “Black Mirror” science fiction

With The memory factory, Clélia Renucci immerses us in a society where memories can be recorded and relived at will, and where they are even the object of a trade. A dystopia which is reminiscent of the series Black mirror. When his hero, immersed in the memory of a performance of Phaedra of 1942, falls in love with the neck of the woman sitting in front of him, he embarks on an impossible quest to find her, despite the decades which separate the object of his desire from reality.

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In the spring of monsters, by Philippe Jaenada: for lovers of true crimes

Fans of documentaries retracing murder investigations, true crimes, will plunge with delight into the intrigue ofIn the spring of the monsters, the new novel by Philippe Jaenada. The author tells in it the investigation which surrounded the disappearance of Luc Taron, a boy of eleven kidnapped and killed in Paris one evening in spring 1964. A story which also tells of a new society in full mutation which will soon have to be the one in which we live today.

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Belhazar, by Jérôme Chantreau: the marriage of thriller and poetry

The new novel Jérôme Chantreau, Belhazar, will also delight fans of true crimes, but also thrillers in a more general way, since they are sensitive to the poetry of the writing. The title of the novel is the name of a young man who died during a police check in 2013. Alros that the suicide thesis is accepted, the novelist decided to conduct his own investigation into the case, whose official conclusions the leave skeptical.

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Alone in her home, by Cécile Coulon: a disturbing Gothic novel

Cécile Coulon immerses us in a late 19th century with a completely Gothic and fantastic atmosphere. Alone in her home. Her heroine is married there, without her finding fault, to the good party of the region, a rich man enjoying a large mansion, but also surrounded by a disturbing aura of mystery. Very quickly, the young woman will feel a prisoner of this house, although nothing tangible seems to prevent her from leaving it.

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A shard of eternity, Valérie Tong Coung: parents’ worst nightmare

Valérie Tong Coung signs with A shard of eternity a novel that will make all mothers of families shudder. She tells the story of a bourgeois woman whose daily life changes after her son was imprisoned after a police check that went wrong. Her mother then sees the hopes she nurtured for her child shattered and her life punctuated by visits to the prison visiting room, a world of which she had hitherto ignored all the codes.

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Double Nelson, by Philippe Djian: passionate love in a wrestling fashion

Readers in love with Philippe Djian’s writing will find in Double Nelson familiar poetry. The title of this novel refers to a catch of wrestling where the one who dominates can suddenly find himself dominated by his opponent. A metaphor for the life of a couple which allows the author to Lunch in peace to deliver his singular vision of amorous domesticity.

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The grapes of the anger, by John Steinbeck: a classic in an exceptional box set

It is a classic that it will require a collective pot to be put under the trees. Les éditions des Saints Pères produce an exceptional box set, to be reserved for enthusiasts, by publishing the manuscripts of Grapes of Wrath, a terrible portrait of America during the Great Depression that won John Steinbeck the Pulitzer Prize. A story that has become a classic in contemporary literature which can also be bought in your pocket.

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Fire, by Maria Pourchet: one adultery, two points of view

You can only please lovers of romance novels by offering them Fire by Maria Pourchet. The novelist plunges us into the story of adultery in two ways, giving us a chance to see it as much from the point of view of the woman as of the lover, in a tasty writing game that talentedly renews a classic subject.

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My master and my winner, by François-Henri Désrables: a thriller in love

Polar, love and poetry. These are three powerful ingredients that François-Henri Désrable brings together in My master and my victor. In this novel, awarded the Grand Prix du Roman de l’Académie française 2021, the narrator finds himself testifying in a case concerning the couple composed by his two best friends. Accident, murder or suicide, the key to the drama seems to lie in a mysterious notebook.

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Here are ten book ideas to give away for Christmas, according to the tastes of your loved ones