How Saint-Malo was reconstituted in Aveyron for the filming of a Netflix series

A prestigious project. Many other films or series, for cinema, television or platforms, are being made in Occitania this summer.

Occitanie, land of filming, and one of the most attractive regions in France in this area, the cause is heard. The proof by many new examples, between series and feature films, for cinema, television or platforms, just completed, in progress, or about to start this summer.

What Marin Rosenstiehl, head of the film commission at Occitanie films, the cinema and audiovisual agency, confirmed to us this week: “We have had a drop in activity on feature films, but it’s working. very strong with televisions and platforms. We see here a change of era.”

The most prestigious project of this trend, the filming, currently in Villefranche-de-Rouergue, of the adaptation of the bestseller All the light that we cannot see (2015 Pulitzer Prize), for Netflix.

With Mark Ruffalo and Hugh Laurie

Because this mini-series, which will be broadcast in 2023, is carried by big names in international entertainment: Shawn Levy (“Strangers things”, or the “Night at the museum” trilogy) is directing, and Steven Knight, the creator of the saga Peaky Blinders is writing the screenplay. Because it benefits from a high-end cast, with Mark -Hulk – Ruffalo, and Hugh – Dr House – Laurie as headliners. And finally, because of its subject: the plot revolves around the liberation of Saint-Malo, and it is therefore the commune of Aveyron which was chosen to represent the Saint-Malo city, destroyed by German bombing.

Lost bullets, from Sète to Montpellier

In 2020, Guillaume Pierret’s French action film, Lost Balls, shot in Sète, had a surprise hit on Netflix, becoming (and remaining) one of the most viewed feature films on the streaming platform for a work not -English-speaker.

From then on, a sequel was inevitable, and it is already in the box: for this second opus, the shots directed by the same director (with the same cast of main roles) were recorded this autumn in Agde, Montpellier and in the hinterland.
The release date is already set: Lost Bullets 2 will land November 10 on Netflix.

But the Héraultais could find out before, since it is rumored that a preview could be organized in Montpellier.

“There is a whole range of reasons and combinations of circumstances that have allowed this, enthuses Marin Rosenstiehl. Because Saint-Malo today no longer resembles what it was before the bombings, even if they go shoot there for three days on location, because this very touristy town would be impossible to block for a month of filming. But also because the production designer is English, has a house in the Tarn and knows Villfranche-de-Rouergue!”

Michel Gondry and Pierre Niney in the Cévennes

Also noteworthy, and in bulk: the first feature by Julien Rigoulot, made in the Pyrénées-Orientales until recently, the American film A good day to die filmed in June in Montpellier and Collioure, the next André Téchiné (La revocation), which will set up its cameras this fall in Perpignan, or Escort Boys, a series by Ruben Alves for Prime Video, which completed its filming in June in the Petite Camargue gardoise. Without forgetting Michel Gondry, who has also finished with his new feature film “The Book of Solutions”, for which he filmed Pierre Niney de Villemagne in Meyruès, in the Cévennes gardoises.

There remains one (another) very big piece already revealed by Midi Libre: the village of Sauve (Gard) will host this fall the filming of a Netflix mini-series, “Mr Spade”. This project led by Scott Franck (Le jeu de la dame) is a new adaptation of the investigations of Sam Spade, the emblematic hero of Dashiell Hammet. And it’s Briton Clive Owen who will wear the hat and trench coat made iconic by Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon.

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How Saint-Malo was reconstituted in Aveyron for the filming of a Netflix series