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Beware of those who attack the British crown, and even those who shoot in their own camp. While Prince Harry will unveil his memoirs on January 10, the royalists are already having a field day. Starting with a famous journalist who did not hesitate to tackle Meghan Markle’s husband. According to him, the pen of the prince would not be up to the controversy…

Like Lady Dianathe prince harry has the art of teasing the British crown. Despite the protocol and propriety incumbent on crowned heads, the brother of William has been provoking his peers ever since his exile in the United States which shook Buckingham Palace. And the release of his memoirs on January 10 could well rekindle the burning embers within the family… But not only! Indeed, the royalists like the famous journalist Michael Parkinson do not look favorably on the publication of the book, the most anticipated of the year 2023.

Whether Meghan Markle knows how to play with the media and take advantage of the coverage, this is not the case of her royal husband! Among his detractors, Michael Parkinson has renewed his animosity towards the prince. The one who collects the confidences of the world and high society has already had the privilege of talking with members of the royal family. To start with princess Anne. Rather discreet in the press, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh had granted an exclusive interview to the journalist, the opportunity for her to make rare confidences on his kidnapping attempt which occurred six years earlier and on her career as an Olympic rider. A crowd of personalities lent themselves to the game of questions / answers like Madonna, Mohamed Ali, david bowie or Clint Eastwoodwhich earned him the prestigious title of Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 2000s by Charles III. A real size that nevertheless does not have its tongue in its pocket! And it is not Prince Harry, in the viewfinder of the presenter, who will tell us the opposite!

Michael Parkinson very critical of Prince Harry

While Prince Harry is still working on his memoirs, reviews of his first essay are already acerbic and salty… Indeed, his talents as a polo player would be more convincing than those of a writer, according to the recent declarations of Michael Parkinson who did not mince his words with regard to the youngest son of Lady Di and of King Charles III. Interviewed by the Daily Telegraph for the release of his latest book, he expressed his thoughts on the autobiographical project of the young monarch : “We are looking forward to it. I’m sure he’ll win the Pulitzer Prize.” he said ironically. If the journalist was particularly scathing about the literary prowess of the Duke of Sussex, he does not seem more convinced by the substance. According to him, William’s brother with whom relations are more strained than everwould be pretending and gives him no credit.

And when his interlocutor asks him if he could have invited the prince to his talk show, which was ranked eighth best british tv programs speak British Film InstituteMichael Parkinson replied bluntly: “I think he would have done an interesting interview“before specifying”if only he was telling the truth“. It hurts !

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“If only he told the truth”: a famous journalist openly criticizes Prince Harry – X Gossip