Intellectuals and philosophers, enlighten us with your lights to raise the debate and understand the challenges of society!

Where have the great voices gone, intellectuals from all walks of life and from all currents of thought? Who will be able to share a forward-looking and committed vision on the social, political and economic situation of today? Journalists, real people, philosophers, real people who will not be afraid to express themselves, without constraint and without the fear of being embellished at the slightest prank or at the slightest deviation from the ambient doxa. It is obvious that the press today is subjected to the constraints of political power, the tyranny of editorial writers and the dictatorship of advertisers. Jean YANNE, in his film “Everyone is beautiful, everyone is nice”, denounced it already in 1972: the relationship between the press, politicians and advertisers are complex …

TRIBUNE : Polls tell us that we no longer believe in God. Does man no longer believe in anything? No, he believes in polls! He believes the first politician who unboxes ideas capable of undermining power, he believes in virtual worlds… Today man is ready to believe in anything!

Politicians, mostly uneducated (with rare exceptions including Jean-Luc MELENCHON), do not help raise the level of thought. Georges MARCHAIS with his “Shut up Elkabbach”, “Let’s raise the debate” or even when the journalist told him “that was not my question”, responded cheerfully: “Yes, but that’s my answer!”. He ensured the ratings and broke all audience ceilings! A way of making the debate accessible to all and close to the people …

Where have the scientific leaders gone?

I am not talking about those who are in a conflict of interest by defending pseudo-scientific positions supported by the big pharmaceutical companies. I exclude from the debate, the so-called specialists who have not seen patients for ages but who spend their time on TV sets! The true scientists, who apart from dogmas, pursue their research in humility and discretion. A Pierre-Gilles from GENNES who, after receiving his Nobel Prize in physics, will thank the team of student researchers who have contributed to the success of his work. It is not with the various school reforms and the race to the bottom that we are going to generate future Nobel Prizes! The Louis LEPRINCE RINGUET, physicist friend of the arts, LAVOISIER, scientist and man of conscience, Louis de BROGLIE physicist and Nobel Prize winner, … all these scientists who have marked our history and sometimes even the history of humanity are terribly lacking in current scientific landscape by their spirit and their humility. Should science be apolitical, without spiritual connotation? We are very far from a LAVOISIER who declared: “science without conscience is only the ruin of man”.

The scientists of yesterday never denied history by declaring that Einstein was wrong about such type of discovery but more simply situated the new discoveries, in a particular context and the scientific paradigm. Today, in order to exist, certain scientists seek to create a buzz, to make headlines by declaring in a peremptory manner that so-and-so was sorely mistaken …

Philosophers or philousophes?

Within the great tradition of philosophy, this has always been thought of as the possibility inherent in human beings to depart from their national discourse in order to gain access to the universality of reason.

Plato, Socrates, Thalès and other Archimedes are postponed until the calendars… Greek, of course! A small elite can always evoke them. We are still far from the late Michel SERRE, who in the great tradition was able to reconcile mathematical and purely philosophical approaches. Said Michel SERRE removed from the University, since reached by the age limit but especially known for Christian convictions. For the fundamentalists of secularism, at the National Education, it was frankly crippling … Never mind, he left to teach in the United States and England.

There are few people left in the philosophical-literary landscape! If we rule out the “philousophes” in search of media coverage and not very convincing, such as BHL and Raphaël ENTHOVEN for the French, I reject the execrable Peter SINGER, champion of euthanasia, guru of vegans, who defends the idea that the animal is the equal of man and which seduces the UN for interests more financial than literary! I rule out of course all those who like Matthieu RICARD or Aymeric CARON are seduced by the ideas of such a character…

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Those who can accompany a serene rise in the level of our political debates and the challenges of the next election are Michel ONFRAY, Julia de FUNES, André COMTE-SPONVILLE whose references to Montaigne or Spinoza are no longer to be bragged about. Philosophers in search of a truth without being givers of lessons. In the pantheon of philosophical references, we can draw inspiration from Raymond ARON, Albert CAMUS, André GLUCKSMANN, René GUENON and certainly Montaigne. I refuse an Edgard MORIN, above all a sociologist, but a poor philosopher who is one of those people more interested in money than in research! I dismissed Sartre, left caviar who ended up, at the end of his life, by recognizing that Camus was right …

Dear reader friends, I am aware that my choices and words are arbitrary and can be contested, that is the point of the game!

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And the Freemasons in all of this?

Even if they shine by a legendary discretion, the Freemasons can nevertheless light the way which we even at the gates of a form of wisdom. What are they saying today in defense of the Widow and the Orphan, on the fraternity between men, whatever their race, their religion or their political ideas? Voltaire, famous Freemason (received at the Lodge of the Nine Sisters) opens the door to the “Age of Enlightenment” for us.

Among the most important Masonic obediences we can cite: the GO (Grand Orient), the GLF (Grande Loge de France) and the GLNF (Grande Loge Nationale de France).

For our clarification, we can read the reviews published by the major obediences: “Bulim”, “Initiatic points of view”, “Journal de la GLDF”… I have a reservation for “the Cahiers de Villard de Honnecourt” edited by the GNLF. We are very far from the time of the late René GUENON (writer and philosopher), who left his obedience and Freemasonry. This journal has become a pseudo intellectual document for followers of academic epistemology …

The said Freemasons (even if they can neither read nor write… sic) can provide us with simple but necessary tools for a good understanding of the world: a ruler, a set square, a compass and a plumb line… A everyone to transpose what these tools can bring them.

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Let’s not forget the journalists!

There are those who have opened up universal avenues to this profession, who thanks to Albert LONDRES with the marble-carved words of culture or a Joseph PULITZER, a great journalist without whom the Statue of Liberty could never have been installed in New York Bay. Of course, a journalist has political convictions. Georges CLEMENCEAU is a witness to us. But, he cannot for all that pass his personal ideas in the national forums. What journalists then? Everyone, on condition that they respect the criteria of decorum, strength of conviction and righteousness. The reported facts must be verified and true! It’s not always the case. Blame the “Figaro” for being on the right or the “World” for being on the left? Nay! This is the interest of the readers. Blame public channels (TV or radio) for being left-wing and selective according to their guests and “avoided”, a thousand times yes! It is with taxes that we finance these channels: they must be aimed at everyone, without any form of discrimination or subjective advertising …

A small smile: if you ask me which is the best newspaper? Presse Evasion, of course!

Many people, from all walks of life, can make a contribution to the construction of the cultural edifice which will lead us to the next elections. To use a commonplace, it is not so much the destination that is important but the path that leads there …

“Modern man, instead of seeking to rise to the truth, claims to bring it down to his level” wrote René Guenon.

Jean-Paul ALLOU

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Intellectuals and philosophers, enlighten us with your lights to raise the debate and understand the challenges of society!