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As his fans eagerly await his new album for this year, Kendrick Lamar seems to have the head to the cinema for the moment. The Grammy-winning rapper announces that his company PGLang has teamed up with the Park County banner of Matt Stone and Trey Parker to produce a new feature film.

PGLang, Kendrick Lamar’s company puts its foot in the cinema stirrup

The company led by Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free, pgLang, continues to make great strides. The company, which is still in its infancy, seems to be plunging its foot into all categories of backwaters, the latest of which is the film industry. The company has previously been involved in the music industry by distributing Keem’s The Melodic Blue album, as well as in the fashion industry, through their advertising campaign work for Calvin Klein.

However, it becomes difficult to understand what exactly pgLang is, due to the vast scope it already seems to have. Nonetheless, it was described in today’s press release as a ” multilingual company, communicating the creative language of this generation through media illustrating the shared experiences that connect us all. »

On that note, the latest work the brand chooses to turn to is apparently a live-action comedy feature, in collaboration with Paramount Picture and Park Country. According to a press release, distribution is expected to be handled by Paramount, while Park Country and pgLang will produce. The screenplay is written by Vernon Chatman.

A powerful storytelling experience

Although the film is currently untitled, a synopsis is included in the announcement: “The film will depict the past and present at its climax when a young black man doing a slave reenactment internship at a living history museum discovers that his white girlfriend’s ancestors once owned his “, indicates the press release.

The live-action comedy is produced by Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free, as well as Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park. The screenplay was written by Vernon Chatman (the voice of Towelsky in South Park).

Paramount President and CEO Brian Robbins praised the impending collaborative effort in a prepared statement, saying, ” On behalf of Paramount Pictures and the wider ViacomCBS family, we look forward to ushering in the first theatrical collaboration from these creative visionaries, and galvanizing audiences around the world around a powerful storytelling experience.. Production is expected to start in spring 2022.

Kendrick Lamar, from rap to cinema!

News of the project comes as Lamar fans await a new album from the rapper, songwriter and record producer who has received 13 Grammy Awards, six Billboard Awards and a Pulitzer Prize for his unique style of storytelling through rap. Incidentally, the Compton native’s last full project was for another major film, 2018’s “Black Panther.” Lamar produced the Original Sound Track from the film, which earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song for its track “All the Stars” featuring SZA and won two Grammys.

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Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free are working on a live comedy film with the creators of “South Park” | Hip Hop Corner: French rap, US and culture news