Lady Diana: her bodyguard makes terrible revelations 25 years after her death, the shock…

The British Royal Family will always remember the date of August 31, 1997. It marks the tragedy on the Alma bridge in Paris where William and Harry we will never see their mother again. Lady Diana lost her life that day due to a series of car accidents at the scene. Princess’ ex-bodyguard Lee Sansum reportedly confesses a shocking truth about the accident. According to him, the disaster was not so inevitable.

“I understood why they had not survived”

Mom of Prince William and Prince Harry died in an accident that she could have avoided. His bodyguard Lee Sansum, called “Rambo”, told the press surprising details.

“It could have been me in that car. We drew straws to see who would accompany Trevor [Rees-Jones] this weekend,” he confessed in a press interview.

Rambo claimed that Lady Diana would have survived if he had accompanied him that day.

“When I learned that they weren’t wearing seat belts during the accident, I understood why they hadn’t survived. I have always insisted on this. »

This tiny detail would have been enough to take the life of Lady Diana. It’s very sad for a young woman adored by the people.

Memoirs, which promise to be very interesting

This interview with Lady Diana’s Lee Sansum occurred only a few months of a significant event. The memoirs of the Duke of Sussex will, in fact, soon be published in turn.

This book promises to reveal mind-boggling details regarding the royal family. Windsor Castle is already preparing for more shocking revelations from Prince Harry. The book should be published at the end of the year.

The son of the people’s princess is determined to trace exactly this great tragedy of 25 years ago. On occasion, he even commissioned one more inquest into his mother’s death.

A judicial source told The Sun :

“There have been approaches that suggest Prince Harry is intensely focused on getting more information about his mother’s death. »

L’husband of Meghan Markle is spoiled for choice given that “There are a lot of people in France who remember the night of the accident”. This one will even ask for help from the winner of the Pulitzer Prize, the writer JR Moehringer to carry out his project.

The publisher of this book revealed that his memoirs relate more “intimate and sincere” revelations on Prince Harry’s “experiences, adventures, losses and life lessons”.

Queen Elizabeth II reportedly asked Prince Harry to temper his actions

The Duke of Sussex is more determined than ever to finish this big project. However, no specific release date has been provided.

In this passion of the young man to complete his research, the Queen of England would have succeeded in calm tensions that this has generated.

“The Queen has calmed things down a bit,” said Duncan Larcombe, the royal specialist.

Richard Kay on True Royalty TV made the following remark :

“There was a certain rapprochement. We saw it at Jubilee, there was an attempt on Harry’s part to calm things down a bit. Will he want to readjust what he’s written? All these things must be going through his head. »

August 31, 2022: Lady Diana’s return to the cinema

If all these revelations emerge recently, it is probably because of the approach of the date of August 31, 2022. This Wednesday will mark the 25ᵉ anniversary of the death of the princess.

It will also punctuate the release of the shocking documentary “The Princess”. The directors even assure that you will see Princess Diana “like you’ve never seen her before”.

The documentary is a feature film composed ofpictures and rare videos. This one “combines sequences of television news, interviews, comments. ” It shows snapshots of his last moments when she tries to escape the paparazzi, before die under the Alma bridge.

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Lady Diana: her bodyguard makes terrible revelations 25 years after her death, the shock…