Literature – We made some great discoveries in the book department: here are our favorites

The editorial staff offers you its latest most beautiful discoveries in the book section. To you to discover them :

Comedy and black novel

Burning Summer in Saint-Allaire by Franck Bouysse and Daniel Casanave. Franck Bouysse, author of black novel, can he make people laugh?? He proves it by teaming up with cartoonist Daniel Casanave. Together, they create Saint-Allaire. Based on this village in General de Gaulle’s France, their “vintage” comic strip speaks of rurality, rivalries, racism, lust, violence and the emancipation of women. These themes are recurrent in Bouysse. We find them here in a comedic tone, thanks to the humor in the situations, the verb, the puns and the deceptively naive trait of Casanave.
(Albin Michel, 19.90 euros).

Muriel Mingau

Heading for the Arctic

1670444256 277 Literature We made some great discoveries in the bookPatrol in the Far North Patrice Franceschi. The novelist and adventurer knows the planet, its inhabitants and its oceans well. However, he had never crossed the Arctic Circle. Always up for discovery, he embarked in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon aboard a French navy patrol boat, heading for Greenland. Icebergs, life on board, the splendor of the glaciers, encounters with Inuits shared between tradition and modernity constitute the heart of the story. This diary with a fine literary mastery also warns of climate change and geopolitical tensions. (Grasset, 240 pages, €19.50)

Pascale Faurials

Artificial intelligence

1670444256 490 Literature We made some great discoveries in the bookAda by Antoine Bello. Frank Logan, a policeman in Silicon Valley, is in charge of a rather special case: a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI), Ada, has disappeared from the hermetic room where she was locked up. Her ambition is to win the Pulitzer Prize. With this devil of Antoine Bello, who signed the subtle trilogy The falsifiers, The scouts and The producers, we no longer know which saint to turn to in this innovative novel (although released in 2016). Is it so Machiavellian to be as relentless as an AI and show such cynicism?? It is not possible. He’s getting help?! (Gallimard. 368 pages, €21)

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NL 108

Alexis Marie

A landscape novel

1670444257 889 Literature We made some great discoveries in the bookThe high island of Valentine Goby. From getting off the train in Chamonix to crossing the Swiss border, the young Vincent/Vadim will discover a mountain he knows nothing about, the big-hearted mountaineers of Vallorcine and, simultaneously, discover and build himself. L’Ile haute is a novel landscape of rare intensity, with a thousand colors, radiating with humanity and humility. A dazzling reading, in white, in green, in yellow, to discover a latent anguish, traversed by rare emotions, magnifying a tortured childhood in a mountain where one is nothing more than air, water and light.

(South acts. 288 pages, €21.50)

Laurence Gelineau

Beautiful and strong heroines

1670444257 504 Literature We made some great discoveries in the bookWitch of the Night by Charline Malaval. The news of the war in Ukraine is recalled in this vibrant novel by Corrézienne Charline Malaval. She brings out of oblivion those whom their German enemies nicknamed the Witches of the Night, these women aviators engaged in the Red Army during the Second World War. With sensitivity, she paints a touching and endearing portrait of several of these heroines, both beautiful and strong at the same time, whom she crosses with the quest of a group of today’s adventurers. A work of memory smoothly carried out.
(Preludes, 320 pages, €18.90)

Blandine Hutin-Mercier

A deglingo road movie

1670444257 473 Literature We made some great discoveries in the bookThe belly of Fabrice Capizanno’s barge. Direction Tristan da Cunha Island, island of the eponymous archipelago located north of the Roaring Forties. From Thionville, located north of Amnéville. The path will be rough. Welcome to the belly of the barge -Au Diable Vauvert-, with Jason and Hannah (a very unstable solution…). Two stars in the field of photography and piano. First of all, writing. That of Fabrice Capizzano, so emancipated, so free, to feed a road-movie a bit-not badly déglingo, where love competes with trash, where madness tames reason. How is this story going to end… Huh?? Read. And once you get to Tristan, send a postcard?!
(Au Diable Vauvert, 512 pages, €22)

Julien Dodon

With “Sourire(s) en coin”, Jacques Mailhot offers his memoirs to the readers of La Montagne-Centre-France

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Literature – We made some great discoveries in the book department: here are our favorites