Live: EU calls on Hungary to back Russian oil embargo

On May 9, Russia commemorated the Soviet Union’s victory over the Nazis in World War II, this year against the backdrop of clashes between the Russian army and Ukrainian troops. On the diplomatic level, the President of the European Commission is trying to convince Hungary to support an EU embargo project on Russian oil. Follow our live.

  • 11:43 p.m .: hopes for Ukraine’s rapid accession to the EU dashed

Emmanuel Macron warned that a possible accession of Ukraine to the EU would take “decades” and proposed, while waiting for the entry into a new entity, a “European political community”, likely also to welcome countries like the UK. Researcher at the French Institute of International Relations (Ifri), Paul Maurice explains this position.

  • 11:14 p.m .: a special Pulitzer Prize awarded to Ukrainian journalists

Ukrainian journalists are awarded a special Pulitzer Prize, the association of the most prestigious American press awards has announced. Pulitzer Prize winner Marjorie Miller hailed the “courage, endurance and commitment of journalists in Ukraine to report the truth during (Russian President) Vladimir Putin’s ruthless invasion of their country and his propaganda war in Russia”.

“Despite the bombings, kidnappings, occupation and even the killings in their ranks, (Ukrainian journalists) have persevered to provide an accurate picture of a terrible reality, bringing honor to Ukraine and to journalists around the world “, judged Marjorie Miller who was speaking at a ceremony to award these prizes in New York.

  • 11:03 p.m .: Pentagon believes Ukrainians were “sent against their will to Russia”

“We don’t have numbers but we have seen signs of Ukrainians being taken from Ukraine to Russia,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said. He was questioned during a press briefing on the Ukrainian government’s claims that 1.2 million people were deported to Russia and placed in camps.

“I don’t know how many camps there are, or what they look like, added the spokesperson. But we do have information that Ukrainians are being sent against their will to Russia.”

Russia’s behavior is “unacceptable” and “is not that of a responsible power”, added John Kirby, saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin “simply does not accept and respect the sovereignty of the Ukraine”.

  • 10:54 p.m .: Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz support kyiv in front of the Brandenburg Gate

Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz showed their “full support” for Ukraine on Monday evening by going together under the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, a symbol of the Cold War and illuminated for the occasion in the colors of the country invaded by Russia, noted Agence France-Presse (AFP).

“Full support for Ukraine,” said the French head of state as he approached on foot alongside the German chancellor of around 200 people massed behind cordons, and when asked what message the two leaders wanted to send with their approach.

  • 10 p.m.: Ursula von der Leyen welcomes “progress” on the energy issue with Hungary

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen reports ‘progress’ and ‘clarifications’ after meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on ‘energy security’ as Budapest blocks project EU embargo on Russian oil.

The meeting between the two leaders, which took place during a working dinner at the Carmelite monastery in Budapest, “helped to clarify certain points relating to sanctions and energy security” of Hungary, said Ms von der Leyen on Twitter.

“We have made progress but more work will be needed,” she added, announcing the forthcoming holding of a videoconference “with other “actors in the region” to “strengthen regional cooperation in oil infrastructure. “.

“Hungary will not agree to the Commission’s proposal for sanctions against Russia because it poses a problem for it and does not offer a solution”, declared, earlier, the head of Hungarian diplomacy, Peter Szijjarto, quoted by government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs.

The Commission’s proposal would have the effect of “an atomic bomb for Hungary’s economy and destroy our stable energy supply”, he explained.

  • 9:23 p.m .: Joe Biden signs legislation to speed up shipment of military equipment to Ukraine

    The President of the United States, Joe Biden, signed in front of the journalists a law allowing to accelerate the sending to Ukraine of military equipment, reactivating a device dating from the Second World War.

    The “Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022” is “based on a World War II program intended to help Europe resist Hitler” and “was supported by almost every member of the American Congress”, has noted the White House, also noting that the text was enacted as Russia marks Monday the anniversary of the 1945 victory over Nazi Germany.

  • 5:45 p.m .: With these celebrations, Moscow keeps the Russians “in a parallel reality”

As Russia celebrates the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, Russian President Vladimir Putin said “the heirs of the victors are the defenders of the nation today”. It’s a complete reversal of roles. Elena Voloshin, a journalist specializing in Russia, explains how the Kremlin shapes history in its own way.

  • 5:01 p.m .: the UN Human Rights Council will meet at the request of kyiv

The UN Human Rights Council will organize, on Thursday, at the request of kyiv, supported by dozens of countries, an extraordinary session on “the deterioration of the human rights situation in Ukraine” invaded by Russia .

“Today we have requested a special session of the UN Human Rights Council to examine the deterioration of the human rights situation in Ukraine”, declared the Ukrainian ambassador to the UN, Yevheniia Filipenko, in a video posted on Twitter.

  • 4:35 p.m.: Ursula von der Leyen in Hungary to discuss the energy issue

The President of the European Commission is expected in Hungary to discuss with Viktor Orban “the security of energy supplies in Europe”, announced her spokesperson, while Budapest blocks a project of embargo on Russian oil.

A landlocked country dependent on its oil purchases from Russia, Hungary is asking its EU partners for guarantees for its supplies to agree to a sixth package of sanctions against Russia including a halt to oil purchases at this country.

  • 1:46 p.m .: on a surprise visit to Ukraine, Charles Michel forced to take shelter because of strikes

On a surprise visit to Odessa, a major city in southern Ukraine, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, was forced to take shelter due to missile strikes. “You are not alone. The EU is on your side” in the face of Russian “aggression”, he told the Ukrainians.

According to a European official, during a meeting between Charles Michel and the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denys Chmygal, “the participants had to interrupt the meeting to take shelter because missiles again hit the Odessa region” .

  • 12:11 p.m .: In Ukraine, “we expect an intensification of the bombardments”

  • 9:27 a.m .: Russia faced an “absolutely unacceptable threat”

In his speech at the May 9 ceremony, Russian President Vladimir Putin said about the war in Ukraine that Russia was fighting to defend the homeland against an “absolutely unacceptable threat” that he said posed by its neighbor.

“I address our armed forces: you are fighting for the fatherland, for its future,” he said from Red Square, facing thousands of soldiers taking part in the May 9 parade which marks the Soviet victory on the Nazis in 1945. Vladimir Putin then underlined that everything had to be done to prevent “the horror of a new global war from being repeated”.

  • 9:09 a.m .: “We are waiting for potential statements on the mobilization or the rearmament of Russia”

  • 8:48 a.m.: Ukraine won’t let Russia ‘claim victory’ over Nazism

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said his country will not let Russia “claim victory” over Nazism. “We are proud of our predecessors who, together with other peoples within the framework of the anti-Hitler coalition, defeated Nazism. We will not let anyone annex this victory, appropriate it,” he said in a video message, which shows him walking down kyiv’s central avenue. “We won then, we will win now,” he added, referring to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine since February 24.

  • 7:28 a.m.: May 9 ceremony made to ‘display Russia’s military and nuclear strike force’

Russia commemorates this May 9 as every year the end of the Second World War, the victory of the allies over Nazi Germany. An event that takes on another dimension in this year 2022, more than two months after the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine. On this “Victory Day”, Vladimir Putin will speak before the great military parade. France24’s special correspondent in Moscow recounts the atmosphere in Moscow less than 2 hours from the ceremony.

  • 5:43 a.m .: Seizure of Russian oligarch’s superyacht suspended in Fiji

A court in Fiji has stayed the seizure of a superyacht suspected of belonging to Russian oligarch Suleiman Kerimov, targeted by American sanctions linked to the war in Ukraine, the prosecution said on Monday. The yacht Amadea, worth an estimated $325 million, remains in the custody of Fijian police and is banned from leaving the country, the source said.

Moored in Lautoka, in western Fiji, since mid-April, the Amadea has been immobilized by local authorities since the issuance of a US seizure warrant.

  • 5:03 a.m .: show of force expected in Moscow

Russia exhibits its army on Monday, May 9 to celebrate the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, a show of force in order to galvanize its troops struggling in Ukraine, where sixty civilians perished according to kyiv in the bombardment of a school.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is due to deliver a long-awaited speech, will have the opportunity to send new warnings after repeatedly brandishing the nuclear threat.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the “plane of the Apocalypse”, an Ilyushin Il-80 designed to allow the Russian president to continue to pilot the country from the air in the event of nuclear war, will fly over Red Square, and several weapons that can fire nuclear missiles will parade. Paratroopers who participated in the offensive in Ukraine should also be present, according to the state agency TASS.

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Live: EU calls on Hungary to back Russian oil embargo