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For several weeks now, the Sussexes have been looking for a new nest to house their little family. If some think that Meghan and Harry want to leave Montecito for security reasons, Tina Brown the former editor of Tatler and Vanity Fair has another hypothesis, which will not please everyone…

Since the Megxit, Harry and Meghan have built their image on antagonism and the break with the British royal family. And it must be admitted that they have met with some success. The lovebirds have thus signed attractive contracts with Netflix or Spotify and have unleashed passions with the secrets as amazing as they are shocking about the Windsors, made during an exclusive interview with the popess of the American media, Oprah Winfrey.

A few months ago, Prince William’s younger brother revealed that he had just signed a contract with a British publishing house, for writing his memoirs. For all three volumes, Penguin Random House had opened its checkbook and offered an advance of over £17million to the young father, in addition to adding the services of a professional writer who won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize to write his autobiography. The queen’s death, however, complicates the lives of Meghan and Harry who had every intention of unleashing a few more blows against the royal family, but who understands thatin this time of mourning, the attacks could come back as a boomerang… What impact the finances of the couple who has also decided to separate from the agency of Sunshine Sachs who takes care of their communication. A decision taken to make some substantial savings.

Poor among the rich

At the same time, an insistent rumor claims that the prince and his beauty are trying to leave their heavenly home in Montecito, which offers breathtaking services. Spread over more than 1350 square meters on 13 hectares of land, it consists of nine bedrooms, sixteen bathrooms, a spa, a gym, a wine cellar, a cinema room and a games room. . Swimming pool, tennis court and even a playground complete the list.

Yet it no longer seems suitable for lovers and hypotheses follow one another on the reasons for the disenchantment between the Sussexes and their home. While some point to security issues, Tina Brown, former editor-in-chief of Tatler and Vanity Fair, she sees things differently. Speaking at the Henley Literary Festival the royal expert said the couple weren’t necessarily living well not to be among the super-rich in their community. Brown said: “In Montecito where they live, their $14 million home is seen as a modest cottage in comparison to those around them“. What, according to her, explains the research now carried out by the couple in the very chic neighborhood of Hope Ranch. “And at some point, you might think she’s looking for more than a new home, Elon Musk is still single, I won’t say more” she launched amused. This joke of dubious taste, should hardly amuse Prince Harry, who will probably not appreciate seeing the probity of his beautiful questioning, the latter’s half-brother, will appreciate the tackle.

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Meghan Markle: this bad taste joke about her that will not please Prince Harry – X Gossip