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Bebe Buell, who inspired the character of Penny Lane in ” Almost famous“, Will soon be entitled to his own documentary.

The life of Bebe Buell, model, singer and essential figure of the rock scene of the 1970s, will soon be the subject of a new documentary. The untitled film will retrace Buell’s rise, fall and rebirth as a model (she was fired by her agency after posing nude in Playboy), his relationships with rock icons like Todd Rundgren and Steven tyler Aerosmith, as well as her own stage career as a charismatic singer and performer.

During the Covid hiatus, I took the time to reflect on my life, all of these amazing memories, and the people I have met. I also thought about those we lost recently and how so many of them will never be able to share their true experiences ”, tells Buell to Rolling Stone. “I realized that now is the time to tell the real story of my life, including things that I have never talked about before.

Filming will begin in January in New York and Nashville, where Buell resides. City Drive Studios, the originator of the musical series Landmarks Live, will be in production, while the direction will be entrusted to Gabby Bryan, of which it will be the first film. The release date has not yet been announced.

Buell is known to have been one of the inspirations of the groupie Penny Lane in the film. Almost famous by Cameron Crowe in 2000. Bebe Buell calls herself a “godmother of the arts”. For her part, Bryan sees her as a pioneer in the emancipation of women. ” Making the first documentary on Bebe is truly a dream. She is a cultural icon, but also a pioneer. Growing up in the music industry, I understand the depth of her personality, what she represents, explains the director. Bebe’s stories, at the height of the rock & roll era, will leave you speechless. On top of that, she opened the door to female artists and their sexual freedom. He is a true legend and it is an honor for me to tell his story. I love Bebe and you will love it too!

I have known Gabby for many years. Like me, she grew up in the wild world of rock, because she is the daughter of David Bryan, keyboardist of Bon Jovi.“, Emphasizes Buell. ” Gabby grew up in this industry and knows its good and bad sides. I’ve been waiting for this for years, and I feel like I’ve finally found the right team to create the magic. She understands my story and will help me tell it in a way that captures the essence of my trip.

Buell’s latest album, Baring It All: Greetings From Nashbury Park, was released in 2018. In an interview with Rolling Stone the same year, she spoke at length about her relationship with Steven Tyler (father of Buell’s daughter, actress Liv Tyler), part of Monopoly with Hugh Hefner, and his approach to the scene. ” It’s in my DNA. From the age of five, I put my leg forward in a rock pose for family photos. I was obsessed with Mick Jagger. I stood in front of the mirror and I copied it, I put a sock in my pants to have a nice bump. I didn’t know what it was. I just thought it was part of the uniform.

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“Morbius”: finally news of the film with Jared Leto – check out the latest trailer!