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Looking to get your week off to a good start, but you might think you’ve exhausted the bounty of Netflix’s catalog by watching all the right shows? Rest assured, this is probably not the case, and nuggets have surely passed under your radar.

The editorial staff of CNET France is here to help you choose from the plethora of SVoD streaming platform catalog.

This Monday, we recommend the film to you Tick, Tick … Boom! and the documentary series Cheer.

What movies and series to watch on Netflix tonight?

An uplifting and inspiring musical: Tick, Tick … Boom!


As he approaches his 30th birthday, a promising composer juggles love, friendship and the desire to accomplish a grandiose work before it is too late.

CNET France’s opinion

Inspired by the life of composer Jonathan Larson, the man behind the famous musical Rent and Pulitzer Prize winner, Tick, Tick … Boom! is the new slap made in Netflix to discover absolutely.

Directed by the talented Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, Where we come from), this melodramatic raging musical is simply brilliant. It’s alive, exciting, human, smart and it offers 1000 ideas per minute. Managing its rhythm like the most beautiful of scores, the film places you in an armchair the better to get out of it the next moment.

Miranda, more used to being a composer on projects (the music of Disney Vaiana and Encanto, c’est lui), reveals himself here as an inspired director, with a real point of view and a beautiful coherent and communicative energy. If all the musical pieces do not convince, we finally let ourselves be carried away by the flow and the dynamic which unfolds on the screen, and which sweeps us in a whirlwind of emotions.

Because if he knows how to be dancing and musical, Tick, Tick … Boom! is also a beautiful melodrama which assumes itself and which does not apologize, dealing of course with friendship and love, but also with the social issues that plague New York and the society of the 90s in the film, and especially AIDS.

The film is also a sublime manifesto to the talent of Andrew Garfield, who is present on all stages, and stands out as the metronome of this beautiful human and harmonious adventure. A film about what it feels like to have dreams and hope, and to believe in them to the end. One of the most beautiful slaps of the year, and it feels good.

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A good documentary series: Cheer


The documentary series Cheer brings us into the daily life of a group of cheerleaders from Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas. Led by Monica Aldama, the team have won 14 national championships since 2000, and the pressure is at its height.

Our opinion on the series

Director Greg Whiteley had already shone with his superb documentary series Last Chance U, on American football. The man tackles this time a discipline little known in France, which is nevertheless a real institution in the United States: the cheerleading.

His documentary series Cheer thus attacks to deconstruct the generations of prejudices on this practice which, in the collective imagination, is often reduced to a group of young girls shouting at the edge of a field.

The series takes us to the heart of the life of the Navarro College team as they prepare for the most important competition of the year. Benevolent and conscientious, the show reveals a little-known facet of cheerleading : a very physical and demanding sport, as shown for example by the injuries suffered by the members of the team.

But well beyond sport, Cheer captivates by its gallery of fascinating and all different personalities: whether it is the rebel Lexi, the influencer Gabin, the flamboyant La’Darius or the coach Monica Aldama, all are touching and endearing.

A neat and sophisticated production, emotion, suspense and impressive sequences … Cheer has all the elements of a good documentary series, and will captivate you for many evenings, and that’s why we highly recommend it.

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Netflix: 2 exhilarating series and movies you absolutely must check out tonight – CNET France