NETFLIX: heavy in perspective for the month of May

The American streaming giant never stops filling its programming department. And for the month of May, you will be entitled to something heavy on the program. For new subscribers and returning subscribers, May is a pivotal time, and if you’re a new subscriber to the platform, you’ll obviously get your money’s worth. So what awaits you on Netflix for this month of May?

A very psychological month

And to illustrate this, nothing better than to start the month with “Loin du Périph”. A film mixing police intrigue and in which you will find the duo Omar Sy and Laurent Laffite. Our two friends (Ousmane and François) are two cops with radically different characters. They find themselves in the obligation to cooperate for the resolution of a sordid crime in the Alps. A survey that will reveal many surprises. It will be for May 6 on Netflix.

Dangerous relationships

Intriguing as its release date. We just know that this feature film is directed by Rachel Suissa, and with Paola Locatelli in the title role. As the title suggests, it will be a question of love between Celène and Pierre; The latter decides to leave the Parisian suburbs to go live in the south and give herself some air vis-à-vis her boyfriend (Pierre). But now, you always need a third thief to make a story. And this third character is a handsome surfer kid, Tristan. Here you have the pitch…

Blonde hair

Based on Joyce Carol Oates’ best-selling book, Blonde is simply the story of the most famous blonde in history: Marylin Monroe. Under the leadership of Andrew Dominique, we take pleasure in imagining and discovering the luscious blonde in her daily life. Note that the pen of Joyce Carol Oates led to five nominations for the Pulitzer Prize.

In the series department, Stranger things for a 4and season

This is one of the big announcements for the month of May. Stranger things returns for a fourth season on the platform. At least, this is the first part of season 4. The month of May will also be the opportunity to discover Ghost In The Shell SAC_2045. Part 1 of Season 4 of Stranger Things is available from May 21. The second part is scheduled to land on the platform around July 2022 (1andr July to be more precise).

And of course to discover the new features that dot the SVOD platform, social networks should be your playground. Whether on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, the platform’s CMs are very active and communicate as you go. arrivals on Netflix. Which is not so bad as the competition is tough. Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video are fighting a right-to-rights battle for market supremacy.

The release schedule on Netflix for May 2022

1er may

  • Before you
    The guardians
    The Cheetah (arthouse film)
    Checkmate (Hard to Kill)
    The trial of Adolf Eichmann
    Arpo – Season 1
    Our idiot brother

May 3

  • Three meters above the sky (season 3)

El Marginal (season 5)

Panic at the three Mile Island power plant

Marianne and Leonard: Words of Love

May 5

  • The Pentaverate (season 1)


Blood sisters (miniseries)

Small and Wild (Season 1)

May 6

far from the ring road

Forty years and surprises

Brother in Love


Welcome to Eden$

May 7

A haunting at the directory

Valley of the Witch (Conjuring the dead)

The Amityville Theater

The last house of cemetery Lane

I’m in love with my car


Elon Musk: the real life iron man

May 9

May 10

The Game

May 11

Operation Mincemeat

savage beauty

Our father to all

May 12

May 13

The Lincoln Defense (season 1)

The Bling Empire (Season 2)

May 14

  • Curse of the Witching tree

May 15

  • Detective Conan (season 2)

hollow man

May 16

May 17

perfect family

May 18

* The future Diary – season 2

Cyber ​​Hell: The Horror Network


May 19

  • The Baby Boss: Back in the Crib (series)

May 20

  • Love Death and Robots (season 3)

May 25

  • Phil’s Culinary Tribulations (Season 5)

May 26

  • My Little Pony: Make Your Mark

May 27

  • Stranger Things – part 1 (season 4)

Upcoming: Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 (Season 2)

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NETFLIX: heavy in perspective for the month of May