Prime Video: the top 10 best movies to watch in September 2022

While fans of Lord of the Rings waiting for the release of the series The Rings of Power, their patience is finally rewarded even if Prime Video only broadcasts the next episodes at the rate of one per week. But the platform is full of programs to plan your evenings and weekends. If the Prime Video catalog has a large number of original series, such as The Boys, The wheel of time Where The summer when I became pretty, or older ones for which it bought the rights, it also contains something to delight movie buffs.

What movies to watch on Prime Video?

Prime Video notably offered its subscribers this summer a new film starring Sylvester Stallone, The Samaritan, in which the star plays an aging superhero. The platform also now has the entire saga in its catalog IndianaJones, for all the fans who are still waiting for the release of the fifth installment. In short, you will have understood it, it is not only The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power on Prime Video. To prove it to you, Télé-Loisirs has concocted a top 10 best films to see on the platform.

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Thirteen Livesthe true story of an incredible rescue

In July 2018, twelve young soccer players and their coach find themselves stuck in a flooded cave in Thailand, with no way to get out. The incredible international rescue operation carried out by two British divers is followed by the whole world. Director Ron Howard (Apollo 13, Rush) puts all his sense of staging at the service of the reconstruction of this true story as moving as it is thrilling. A great show, carried in particular by the actor Viggo Mortensen (like what Aragorn is never very far after all…)

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spencerwith a Kristen Stewart transformed into the skin of Princess Diana

While Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage has been on the rocks for several months, a truce is ordered for the Christmas festivities at the Queen’s estate in Sandringham. Lady Di will try to deceive… More of a Shakespearean tragedy than a biographical narrative, Spencer could confuse some viewers. But the film is worth watching for the incandescent performance of unrecognizable Kristen Stewart as the Princess of Wales. A film validated by specialist Stéphane Bern.

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Film (2021 – Germany – Chile – Great Britain – United States)

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Sat. Sept. 10 at 10:10 a.m.

The Fools’ Ball, the first French Amazon Original film by Mélanie Laurent

For the first French Amazon Original film, Mélanie Laurent brilliantly adapts the best-selling novel by Victoria Mas. Because she speaks to the dead, a young girl is interned by her parents at the Salpêtrière, in the department of Professor Charcot, a pioneer in the treatment of hysteria. Lou de Laâge carries with grace and intensity this chilling picture of female psychiatry and the abuse inflicted on women by the misogynist society of the 19th century.

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Being the Ricardosfor the Nicole Kidman/Javier Bardem duo

The life of Lucille Ball, star of the hit sitcom I Love Lucy, finds herself turned upside down by rumors of her husband’s infidelity and his supposed sympathies for communism, which stain 1950s America. King of hard-hitting dialogue, director Aaron Sorkin delves into the fierce behind-the-scenes of a very popular across the Atlantic, mixing the intimate and the creative process. A dense and exciting film, a dream setting for an imperial Nicole Kidman.

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doga story of friendship between a man and a dog

Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Jackson Briggs, a soldier, is responsible for escorting Lulu, the dog of a comrade who died in a road accident. The animal, an aggressive and difficult to control Malinois, must be euthanized. Channing Tatum, in front of and behind the camera, plays with the codes of the buddy movie (mismatched duo film, like MidnightRun Where Rain Man), in this road trip focusing on humor and emotion.

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Movie (2022 – USA)

Tender BarBen Affleck in front of George Clooney’s camera

In 1970s Long Island, a struggling single mother returns with her young son to her childhood home. The boy, who dreams of being a writer, finds in his uncle and grandfather (the impeccable Ben Affleck and Christopher Lloyd) the paternal love he lacks. Tender family fresco by George Clooney – based on the Pulitzer Prize winning autobiography JR Moehringer – Tender Bar tackles the question of social classes and access to education without misery.

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The Contractoran action film not to be missed

Serviceman injured in the knee, James (Chris Pine, perfect) is unfairly discharged from the army. To earn a living, he is hired as a mercenary for a security group and is sent on a mission to Berlin. But here, nothing will go as planned. Despite an (too) classic plot, Tarik Saleh, director of the excellent Confidential Cairo, delivers an action film all the more gripping as its characters are worked and endearing.

Crisisa high-flying cast for a social subject that takes

Unpublished in theaters, this drama evokes the terrible question of opioids, which are wreaking havoc in the United States, through three stories. Those of a trafficker who smuggles his “merchandise” between Canada and the USA, an architect who fights against his addiction and a scientist whose company is launching a new painkiller. A hot topic, embodied by a high-flying cast, including Gary Oldman, Evangeline Lilly and Lily-Rose Depp.

Palm Springsa romantic comedy far from the clichés

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If you’re looking for a good romantic comedy to clear your mind, Palm Springs will fulfill its mission, while moving away from the clichés of the genre. Max Barbakow’s film is more eyeing the side ofAn endless dayfrom whom he borrows the concept of the time loop, even from the films of Judd Apatow (40 years old still a virgin) for this mixture of sentimentalism and trash humor. Perfectly embodied by the facetious Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Nyles wakes up every day in the same place, that of a wedding where his partner is a bridesmaid. Impossible to escape this curse for the young man, condemned to relive the same day forever, until he meets Sarah, the bride’s sister (the piquant Cristin Milioti of How I Met Your Mother). A concept declined with malice during 1h30 but the success of the film is also due to its duo of main actors, whose alchemy on the screen is obvious, just like to its soundtrack.

The Old Man and the GunRobert Redford as grandpa robber

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Texas, 1981. With his chic looks and polite manners, Forrest Tucker (Robert Redford) robs a bank under the nose and beard of a police inspector (Casey Affleck). It must be said that this bandit of a certain age, famous for having escaped 18 times from prison in the 1970s, has the art and the way of not arousing suspicion. The solitary routine of this tireless criminal will be turned upside down by his meeting with Jewel (Sissy Spacek), a charming woman with a tidy life. Based on a true story, this tender and captivating portrait of a gentleman burglar brilliantly blends detective film and romance. With sparkling eyes, Robert Redford is striking in the skin of a robber grandpa whose thirst for freedom remains the best elixir of youth.

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Prime Video: the top 10 best movies to watch in September 2022