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The release of the first volume of Prince Harry’s memoirs, baptized Spare, was finally announced. While the meaning of the title of the book signed by the husband of Meghan Markle has already caused a lot of talk even before its publication, the photograph chosen for the cover is also causing ink to flow…

It was last spring that prince harry revealed that he had signed a contract for a project close to his heart, writing his memoirs. The result is a check that is difficult to refuse, containing many zeros and signed by one of the most important publishing houses on the planet. After many months of speculation and rumors Prince Harry’s memoirs are finally ready, and their release has been announced for January 10.

Something to put fans of British royalty on their teeth because despite some leaks, most of the confessions of Meghan Markle’s husband remains a great mystery for the time being. Will the latter settle accounts with the British monarchy? as he began to do in March 2021 during the Oprah Winfrey interview ? Will he declare war on the queen-consort Camila, her mother’s best enemy, or will he seek the path of reconciliation? One thing is certain, writing his pensum will not have been easy for the father who has seen the editor rejecting his first drafttoo watered down for his taste.

Everything has been carefully studied from the title to the smallest element in the photo

Waiting to be able to discover what the younger brother of prince william has on the heart, we can already look at the cover and the title Spare [Pièce de rechange en français, ndlr] which already set the tone. People thus analyzed the meaning of the latter which was obviously not chosen by chance. But the photo chosen to illustrate the book which will be published by Penguin Random House is also instructive. The prince appears there in close shot, however, we distinguish a brown t-shirt and a leather chain. His short cut, his close shave evoke this military career to which he gave ten years of his lifeand during which he has, twice, operated in Afghanistan.

Exit the Harry in princely costume, for the benefit of the military, the soldier whose royal family now forbids him to wear the finery. For this cover it is photographer Ramona Rosalesan American photographer who had previously worked with Lilibet and Archie’s mom that the prince appealed. For the Daily Telegraph of Friday, October 28, 2022 things are clear, this is about challenge the royal family and show that it is ready to fight the next battles who will oppose him. the Daily Telegraph also points out that the cover photo is reminiscent of that of another biography that was a hit at Random House, that of the tennis player André Agassi. The latter had, like Meghan’s husband, benefited from the help of Pulitzer Prize-winning writer JR Moehringer. A happy omen for the prince?

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Prince Harry: these details that challenge on the cover of his memoirs – X Gossip