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When the Penguin Random House publishing house offered Prince Harry to publish his memoirs for the whopping 40 million euros, Meghan Markle’s husband could not refuse this windfall from heaven. But the death of Elizabeth II puts him in a very uncomfortable position today…

Here is Prince Harry in a very delicate situation. The grandson of Elizabeth II has indeed signed a wonderful contract for his memoirs a little over a year ago. This book, Prince William’s brother saw it as a way to tell his story, his whole story. Even if it means paying the price and widening the gap that has widened with the royal family since his departure with wife and child for the United States. “I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to share what I have learned in my life so far and I can’t wait for people to read an account of my life that is accurate and totally truthful”promised the husband of Meghan Markle at the birth of the project.

It must be said that in this case, the truth is not the only one to come into play. Because to obtain the memories of the son of Lady Di, the editors were not afraid to align the zeros. For this project which legitimately makes the Windsors tremble, Prince Harry would have touched an advance of $20 million. The release was originally scheduled for the fall of 2022, but it would have been postponed because of the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. According to royal expert Roya Nikkhah, interviewed by the Sunday Timesthe Duke of Sussex would have liked to include moments of the event in his memoirs.

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But deep down, do we really know what the book reveals? A few days ago, an indiscretion of the Mail on Sunday ensured that the first draft of this autobiography had been challenged by Penguin Random House. The British tabloid has indeed assured that the first version delivered by Prince Harry was not exploitable, although he had the help for the writing of Pulitzer Prize winner JR Moehringer. In question, according to the tabloid, a style “with rose water“and a text”way too focused on his mental health issues“. And above all an unforgivable fact: the work would have been far too poor in crisp anecdotes about the British royal family.

However, Robert Jobson, journalist and specialist in the royal family, seems to defend another theory. According to the author present in the Australian morning show Sunrise, the prince would have made revelations “of which he must assume every word” but would now be very embarrassed by the death of his grandmother. How indeed, to publish a rant against the royal family, and perhaps even on his grandmother, a few weeks after his disappearance? What disastrous media fallout for the prince and his wife?

I don’t believe he can backpedal Jobson said. Not without unfortunate consequences…Prince Harry has been warned he could lose a huge jackpot if he “watered down” the attacks on his family in his memoirs” revealed the writer who mentions the possible loss of a sum of 17.5 million pounds sterling (20 million euros). This seems to give substance to the expression “stand between a rock and a hard place“…

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Prince Harry tried to water down his memoirs after the death of Elizabeth II? It could cost him dearly – X Gossip