Pulitzer Prizes honor three newspapers Trump can’t see in painting

UNITED STATES – The prestigious Pulitzer Prizes for American journalism awarded this Monday, April 10, several media that Donald Trump is far from carrying in his heart.

Like several Internet users have noticed it with irony, among the newspapers praised for their work, we find: the New York Times, the Washington post and ProPublica. Three publications that the president or his administration have regularly attacked.

the New York Times has been one of Donald Trump’s favorite targets for several months (although he does not fail to grant him interviews). The billionaire has repeatedly accused him of spreading “fake news” and loves to call it “failing” New York Times“, that is to say” bankrupt. “The daily is doing very well thanks to the presidential election: at the end of 2016, the press group had 1.853 million subscribers to the online service alone, up from 45.9% compared to 2015.

With all due respect to the president, the New York Times leaves this Monday with the award for international reporting for examining the efforts of Russian President Vladimir Putin to extend Russian influence abroad, an award for having described the plunge into violence of a Marine after his return from a combat zone and another award thanks to freelance photographer Daniel Berehulak who published his photos on the fight against drugs in the Philippines.

Another newspaper that the president criticized and which finds itself rewarded, the Washington Post. Journalist David Fahrenthold won the national reporting award for “a model of transparent journalism”, the committee noted, with a new mode of investigation of the journalist who asked for the help of his followers on Twitter to find the trace of donations from Donald Trump to charity.

Fahrenthold investigated the White House candidate’s misleading claims, his generosity to charitable causes. He also revealed that Trump boasted in very blunt terms of having a degrading attitude towards women, comments recorded in a video in 2005.

In June 2016, the real estate mogul launched on Twitter and Facebook that the Washington post was, according to him, a “dishonest and bogus” newspaper because of the cover he had in store for her.

The most coveted Pulitzer “public service” returned to the New York Daily News and the investigative journalism site ProPublica for uncovering the police misapplication of the eviction regulations. This widespread behavior has affected hundreds of people, most of them from poor minorities.

On April 3, White House spokesman Sean Spicer was questioned about information published by ProPublica and replied by rejecting the credibility of the site: “just because a leftist blog says that there has been a change does not mean that it is a reality”.

The media, a nonprofit that describes itself as independent, took very little notice and immediately responded on Twitter with the evidence of its investigation and signaling in passing that the Obama administration had also been regularly subjected. investigations. This Monday, ProPublica wins its 4th Pulitzer Prize.

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Pulitzer Prizes honor three newspapers Trump can’t see in painting