Summary of the 75th day of war in Ukraine

Russia continues its offensive in Ukraine for a 75th day. During a speech in Red Square in Moscow, Vladmir Putin proclaimed that his army was fighting in Ukraine to defend “the fatherland” against an “unacceptable threat”.


9:04 p.m. | War in Ukraine: “at the military level, there is stagnation”

At present, the war in Ukraine continues for a 75th day. But, what does the situation look like on the ground?

8:05 p.m. | Ukraine: France and Mexico call for a Thursday meeting of the UN Security Council

The UN Security Council is expected to hold another public meeting on Thursday on Russia’s war on Ukraine, in view of “the continuing deterioration of the humanitarian situation”, diplomats said on Monday.

Requested by France and Mexico, this session will be the 16th of the Security Council since the Russian invasion of February 24.

4:56 p.m. | Special Pulitzer Prize for Ukrainian Journalists

Ukrainian journalists are being awarded a special Pulitzer Prize for their “courage” in reporting on Russia’s invasion of their country, the association of America’s most prestigious press awards announced on Monday.

3:35 p.m. | Ukrainians ‘sent against their will’ to Russia


Ukrainians have been “sent against their will to Russia,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Monday, confirming information from Ukrainian authorities.

3:20 p.m. | Biden reactivates a law dating from the Second World War



United States President Joe Biden on Monday signed a law in front of reporters to speed up the shipment of military equipment to Ukraine, reactivating a device dating from the Second World War.

2:56 p.m. | The war in Ukraine “defensive”? “Blatant absurdity”, according to Washington

The United States on Monday called Vladimir Putin’s claims that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was “preventive” a “flagrant absurdity” and an “insult” to the victims.

1:29 p.m. | The effect of the sanctions is felt on the Russian armament



The effect of international sanctions is beginning to be felt on the Russian arms industry, which is struggling to replace guided missiles used by the Russian army in Ukraine due to the embargo on electronic components hitting Russia , a senior Pentagon official said on Monday.

12:28 | IN PICTURES | A captured soldier recounts his weeks of suffering



Seriously wounded and captured by the Russians in Mariupol, the Ukrainian soldier Glib Stryjko lived through weeks of suffering, threats and insults at their hands. Until this saving prisoner exchange, which allowed his mother to find him.

11:20 a.m. | Teen saves two lives by driving through Russian fire

A 15-year-old saved the lives of two injured Ukrainians by leading them through Russian gunfire.

9:34 am | Kremlin ‘will never’ ‘suppress your spirit of freedom’, Charles Michel tells Ukrainians in Odessa

9:25 am | In Moscow, a parade with “frightening noise”

The tanks parade through Moscow like every May 9 to mark the victory over the Nazis. But this time, the offensive in Ukraine disputes in the minds the homage to the sacrifice of the Soviet soldiers.


8:56 am | On a surprise visit to Ukraine, Charles Michel forced to take shelter because of strikes

On a surprise visit to Odessa, a major city in southern Ukraine, European Council President Charles Michel was forced to take shelter due to missile strikes, an EU official said on Monday.


7:43 am | Situation in Ukraine: interview with journalist Tetyana Ogarkova

7:24 am | The Europeans, Macron in the lead, praise union and peace against Putin

The European Union is displaying its values ​​of peace and unity on Monday in opposition to the warlike discourse of Vladimir Putin, by celebrating Europe Day in Strasbourg around the newly re-elected French President Emmanuel Macron.

At the end of the afternoon, the Head of State will then go to Berlin, reserving, as usual, the first official visit since his re-election to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

7:20 am | Britain’s defense minister hits out at Putin and his generals

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said on Monday that Vladimir Putin’s regime “reflects World War II fascism and tyranny” and said Russian generals should be tried by court martial for their actions in Ukraine.


6:49 | The Russian ambassador to Poland sprayed with a red substance

The Russian ambassador to Poland was sprayed with a red substance and attacked by pro-Ukrainian demonstrators on Monday, on the sidelines of a ceremony in Warsaw marking the end of World War II, the Russian agency Ria reported. Novosti.

Images broadcast, without sound, by this agency show the diplomat, Sergei Andreyev, his shirt and face smeared in red, as are several people around him.


6:12 am | Russia fights back, Putin claims, celebrating 1945 Nazi defeat

Vladimir Putin proclaimed Monday that his army was fighting in Ukraine to defend “the fatherland” against an “unacceptable threat”, a speech to fuel the patriotism of the Russians and their support for this conflict.

“I address our armed forces: you are fighting for the fatherland, for its future,” Putin said in a speech in Red Square followed by the traditional and symbolic May 9 military parade marking the victory. about the Nazis in 1945 and the sacrifice of millions of Soviets.

5:04 | Ukraine won’t let Russia ‘claim victory’ over Nazism, says Zelensky

Ukraine will not let Russia “own the victory over Nazism” in 1945, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday, the day Russia celebrates victory in World War II with great fanfare.

“We are proud of our predecessors who, together with other peoples as part of the anti-Hitler coalition, defeated Nazism. We will not let anyone annex this victory, take it over,” he said in a video message, which shows him walking down kyiv’s central Khrechtchatyk avenue.


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Summary of the 75th day of war in Ukraine