The 15 best unreleased series of 2021

In Maid, Margaret qualley interpreter Alex, a young mother who becomes a cleaning lady after having left a violent companion. “Without money, without diploma and without family support (Andie MacDowell, mother of Margaret qualley in real life, plays the artist and bipolar mother ofAlex ; her father is absent subscribers), she finds herself totally destitute, trapped in an administrative paradox: to benefit from allowances, she must obtain precisely what she is already lacking, a salary ”, wrote Chloe schama at the beginning of the month. However, Maid is never heavy: “Margaret Qualley’s performance lights up the small screen, while Andie MacDowell does tons of it, bordering on caricature, bringing a delicious touch of wackiness to her scenes. She’s certainly not a big help to Alex, but with her white mane she’s a real eye-catcher. ”

Mare of Easttown

“I have always had a weakness for the easy thrills of the thriller, the small dangers of the fantastic”, wrote Raven smith in May. “And here comes Mare of Easttown, an HBO drama produced by Kate winslet, which captivates the viewer (while depressing them a little) with the portrait of a policewoman in the depths of rural Pennsylvania. Each episode offers everything one can expect from a good detective series: a feeling of authenticity, relieved of the banality of our daily life. The series is both gloomy and fascinating, claustrophobic and caustic. I compulsively search the thesaurus for adjectives to avoid using the word ‘brut’, but even though the term is hyper cliché, “Easstown”, it’s “Brutopia”. Kate winslet, badly mouthed and tenacious, leads this little world with a master hand. ”

Nine Perfect Strangers

Tailor-made for the star, Nine Perfect Strangers offer to Nicole kidman the role of a seraphic guru reigning over a retreat as luxurious as it is secluded, where a group of life-shattered people come together to take midnight baths, sip tropical smoothies and, incidentally, indulge in a bit of introspection. But something else is brewing in the shadows, and despite the sun, the plot begins to take a darker turn. This threatening tone, however, cannot alter the charm of the series. Here, as in Big Little Lies, already taken from a novel by Liane Moriarty and adapted by the same team, Suffering has never looked so glamorous. –CS.

Only Murders in the Building

I’m sure you know this: I watched Only Murders in the Building a little out of spite – I absolutely needed a new series. I admit that I was a little skeptical, even though a friend of very good advice had recommended it to me. Steve martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez playing in a detective series? I have tenderness for all three, but all together? “You are going to have fun!” my friend had promised. “And the apartments in New York are crazy.” And if, to be honest, I was first drawn to the sirens of the dream apartments – the series takes place in an imaginary historic building, the Arconia -, Only murders very quickly became my favorite series this season (I waited impatiently for Tuesday, the day it aired). Co-created by Steve martin and John hoffman (Grace and Frankie), she narrates investigations riddled with meta jokes, unlikely friendships, twists, twists and cameos of stars (Tina Fey, Nathan Lane, Sting). To make it short for you: my friend was right, you are going to laugh! Now that season 1 is over, my Tuesdays are very sad again. –Jessie Heyman.

The Pursuit of Love

Last July, Marley Marius wrote: “If you are a fan of The Bridgertons Chronicle and the very classy version ofEmma released last year, you will love it The Pursuit of Love, new adaptation by Emily Mortimer of the eponymous novel by Nancy Mitford, originally published in 1945. Lily James and Emily Beecham play Linda Radlett and Fanny Logan, two cousins ​​and best friends who lead very different lives from each other – but very often intertwined – during the interwar period. Fanny is reasonable and phlegmatic (despite her mother, the eccentric of the family), Linda is, for her part, romantic to the point of unreason; his amorous adventures took him from Oxford to the south of France via Paris. Beecham and James are both wonderful in their roles, as are Mortimer (the mom), Dominic West (as Linda’s domineering father, Matthew), and Andrew Scott (the sexy priest of Fleabag, as Lord Merlin, the Radlett’s wacky neighbor). ”

Reservation Dogs

In Reservation Dogs, signed by the directors Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok, Jojo rabbit) and Sterlin Harjo, four young Amerindians dream of leaving their Oklahoma reservation to discover exotic California, but must first find the money for their getaway. “As the four teens hatch their plan, the series takes an intimate look at their life on the ‘rez,’ as they call it, its good and bad sides,” wrote Christian Allaire in August. “If the community is strong and warm, resources and opportunities are scarce (we also learn that the four friends recently lost one of their own, Daniel, whose death is vaguely attributed to ‘where they live. ‘). In passing, we also discover an ingredient still unknown on television: the humor of this community. If the series never shies away from the deplorable treatment reserved for Native Americans, it also knows how to laugh. ”

Scenes from a Marriage

In September, Marley Marius wrote about Scenes from a Marriage, the touching adaptation of the classic byIngmar bergman through Hagai levi : “The new series moves the story from Sweden to Boston, where the character of Johan, played by Erland Josephson, becomes Jonathan, as Oscar Isaac, and that of Marianne, played by Liv Ullmann in the original , gives way to Mira, played by Jessica Chastain. ” While skilfully integrating the difficulties encountered during production: “The shooting of Scenes From a Marriage took place last fall, in the midst of the turmoil triggered by Covid-19, and even though the action took place before the pandemic, the strangeness of the circumstances weighed on the series. The first four episodes thus open with a surprising gesture of “cinema verite”, by revealing the backstage of the set – Jessica chastain and Oscar isaac concentrated, searching for their marks; masked production assistants running around – before giving way to fiction. Like a setting in context, a way of saying: ‘Look, they are actors, they are about to play! ‘ and therefore to strengthen its contemporary dimension. ”

The snake

Last March, Taylor antrim wrote of the last series with Tahar Rahim : “This is the true story of Charles Sobhraj, a French serial killer who killed hippie tourists in Southeast Asia in the 1970s. Jenna Coleman plays the accomplice, and The snake, a BBC-Netflix co-production, was a huge success in England earlier this year with its mix of sun-drenched disorientation and heinous crime. ” Chloe schama, she asked the inevitable question: “Is it really reasonable that a series about a serial killer is so sexy?”

Too close ties

The English have no equal when it comes to creating TV with the perfect balance between high standards and the general public. Proof n ° 1: Too close ties, a three-part drama to be discovered on Disney +. In the main roles, Emily watson and Denise gough lend their considerable acting talent to what could easily be described as sexy station romance. Emily watson play Emma, an expert psychologist in criminology appointed to uncover the secrets of the mind of Connie (Denise gough), a bourgeois mother who inexplicably tried to kill two children (including one of her own) by throwing her car off a bridge. Faced with such a tragedy, we could opt for solemnity, but Too close ties is deliciously twisted. Incarcerated and interrogated by Emma, Denise gough switch to mode Hannibal lecter – a well-off psychopath, agitated with tics, who manipulates as much as she confesses. To discover its patterns, Emma will have to reveal his own secret torments. Welcome to the privileged: failed marriages, sexual fantasies, homoeroticism, infidelities, drug addiction … Too close ties, it’s Big Little Lies who meets Mindhunter, not necessarily very believable but totally addictive. –Taylor antrim.

The Underground Railroad

Warning: the ten episodes of The Underground Railroad, the dreamlike, sophisticated and somewhat exhausting Pulitzer Prize adaptation of Colson Whitehead by the director Barry jenkins (Moonlight, If Beale Street could speak) do not bing. Many exceed an hour, and the series is less hectic than adorned with a certain gravity, with an air of deep tragedy. We are in the pre-Civil War South, on a cotton plantation in Georgia where Cora (Thuso Mbedu) and Caesar (Aaron Peter) tear themselves away from their nightmarish slave life in order to escape by following the railroad. The magical realism of Colson Whitehead is transcribed on the screen with a lot of opulence, and the performances of the actors are intense. Thuso Mbedu – a stranger from South Africa spotted during the auditions – is given the delicate task of carrying the burden of a past trauma with a text reduced to the essentials, but it turns out to be impressive, deliciously youthful in a scene, marked by the years in the following. Joel edgerton is more expansive and frightening in the role of Ridgway, a slave hunter, and his sidekick, played by Chase Dillon, is the male revelation of the series. While Jenkins’ storytelling tone takes its time to portray the journey of Cora, the series deploys an unforgettable imagery, between luminous landscapes and nightmarish paintings. The Underground Railroad may not be easy to watch, but it will mark you forever. – Taylor antrim.

The White Lotus

Ten years ago, with Enlightened, Mike white was already showing how the path to transcendence can be paved with materialistic diversions. In his new series, The White Lotus, a boat full of souls in search of meaning in their privileged existences sails towards a Hawaiian luxury hotel. But even in paradise, this clientele – played by a top-flight cast, with among others Connie britton as a tough guy CEO, Sydney Sweeney as his rebellious and disillusioned daughter, and Jennifer coolidge as a solo traveler with easy tears – triumphs in the carpet of her own aspirations, while the tiki-deco staff of the establishment bend over backwards to catch up with them. The weaknesses and other little quirks of the staff further reinforce the idea that the road to rise is steep and hostile, no matter where you start.

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The 15 best unreleased series of 2021