The Pulitzer Prize awarded to the US Guardian and the Washington Post for the Snowden affair

Posted Apr 14, 2014, 9:43 PM

British daily newspapers “The US Guardian” and “The Washington Post” received the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in the “public service” category at Columbia University in New York on Monday for their coverage of the “Snowden affair”. The two dailies have indeed amply relayed the information linked to the espionage activities of the American National Agency (NSA), based on the revelations of the former NSA consultant, Edward Snowden.

Snowden hails ‘courageous reporter efforts’

In a statement, Edward Snowden, a refugee in Russia since last year, expressed his “recognition to the jury” which rewarded the work of journalists from the “Guardian” and the “Washington Post”. “This decision is proof for anyone who believes the public has a role to play in governance. […] This choice reminds us that what individual conscience cannot change, a free press can.” again launched the ex-consultant of the NSA, stressing that his “Efforts would have been in vain without the dedication, the passion, the talent of these newspapers”.

Each year, the Pulitzer rewards the best journalism in the United States, and also distinguishes literary and musical works. The 19 members of the jury, made up of authors and journalists, chose to reward the newspapers, rather than the journalists who wrote the articles, “for a distinguished example of meritorious public service, by a newspaper or news site”. They particularly praised the work of the “Guardian”, which “allowed to spark a debate on the relationship between government and citizens on important topics such as security and privacy”. In fact, the reward comes ten months after the first article of the “Guardian” taken from the Snowden leaks. Subsequently, dozens of journalists from the two daily newspapers relayed the affair, through revelations about the wiretaps conducted by the NSA against millions of Americans, on the Prism programon the encrypted data captureetc.

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger hailed the support shown for his paper by colleagues around the world during the Snowden affair. “And we share this honor not only with The Washington Post, but also with Edward Snowden, who has risked so much for the cause of public service and who is today recognized with this prestigious award”he said.

The revelations, stemming from documents provided by the former consultant, embarrassed the US government and strained relations with allied countries, furious to discover that Washington was even recording the private conversations of some of their leaders. They have also sparked a lively debate in the United States on the merits and morality of such programs, and forced Barack Obama to limit them.

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The Pulitzer Prize awarded to the US Guardian and the Washington Post for the Snowden affair