The satirical comic strip Bloom County adapted into an animated series by Fox |

Periodically, Hollywood chooses to put its strange gaze on rarer works, less accessible than the usual formula of costumed heroes or independent “carrying” comics. This is for example the case of the comic strip Bloom County, a satirical strip, or more exactly, humorous, absurd and focused on social issues and a commentary on politics in the United States. The fox intends to propose an animated version of the work of Berkeley Breathed, by proposing to the man to participate in the project. The promise seems quite silly: to offer the character of the fictitious city of Bloom County to transport oneself to the present, and to comment on contemporary news, necessarily more bizarre than when this little project began.

South Park’s Peanuts

The comic strip of breathed goes back to simpler times. Discovered by the washington post from university, for having produced a first version of satirical comic strip based on the daily life of the faculties in the United States, printed in the school newspaper, the artist begins the publication of Bloom County within this prestigious journalistic institution in 1980. He will continue the work until 1989, as a press cartoon artist, and will obtain the prize Pulitzer in 1987 for his work on the series. But if Bloom County effectively imposes itself as a reference of the amused or absurd commentary on the daily political life of the United States, breathed also lays the foundations for a mythology in its own right: the action takes place in a remote town in deep America, with a gallery of characters, a small daily newspaper and a narration by episodes.

AT Bloom County, the animals talk, the children are learned and the elderly are numerous. A kind of small postcard town where all the inhabitants are capable of witticisms, or put themselves in absurd situations, comparable to the Peanuts of Charles M. Schulz, with more elements drawn from reality and greater social commitment. The work of Berkeley Breathed will be hailed for his ability to digest current events, the intelligence of his comments and the quality of his humour, helping to solidify Bloom County as a reference in the sphere of press cartoons in the United States. Recently, the author had relaunched the comic strip on Facebook, focusing in particular on the 2016 presidential campaign and the election of donald trump.

For good reason, the president of Fox Entertainment himself justifies the desire to offer an animated series by evoking his own memories of adolescence, and his passion for the talking animals of this universe. On his side, breathed draws an analogy between the first and the second film Alien : at the end of the first film, Ripleyfreed from Xenomorph, falls asleep and imagines that the adventure is over, only to end up waking up decades later to find that the threat is greater, more threatening and more serious than before entering his state of hyper-sleep. The artist explains that this situation is very similar to that of Bloom County – when the series had been stopped, who could have imagined that the world would have this funny face thirty years later?

The studio Bento Box Entertainmentsubdivision of fox in charge of animation projects, will take care of the concrete development of this version in moving images. In particular, we owe this production company the cartoon Bob’s Burger (netflix), as well as animated series brickleberry Where Paradise PD. Breathe Berkeley is announced at the writing, and the project should find its place alongside the simpsons or of family guy in the category of two-dimensional political satires produced by the group foxa kind of social cartoon tradition still maintained today.

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The satirical comic strip Bloom County adapted into an animated series by Fox |