The strange rumor of the coup against Xi Jinping

Wind of panic on social networks on September 24, when the hashtag #ChinaCoup is starting to get a little more attention than it probably deserves.

A rumor then spreads at high speed, fueled by the excitement of those delighted to be part of it, without the slightest precaution. According to some accounts, sometimes very followed like that of the Indian politician with 10 million subscribers Subramanian Swamy or Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Laurie Garrett, President Xi Jinping was the victim of a coup and had been held incommunicado by rivals within the Chinese Communist Party.

As India Today explainsthis dirty business has everything on the other side of the coin for OSINT, the intelligence of origin open sources, which allows everyone to access various official data and to draw the conclusions they want – the good as well as bad.

Yes but no

It’s this time FlightRadar which served as a fuse: according to some very ill-informed observers, air traffic was severely disrupted over China, which was a sign of a serious event in progress.

Other smart guys, without anyone knowing their motives yet, took the opportunity to add fuel to the fire by posting videos of giant columns of armored vehicles heading towards Beijing, or of mysterious explosions and necessarily linked to the so-called coup d’etat.

Except that, of course, all this was false: as the next major congress of the Chinese Communist Party is being prepared, in which Xi Jinping is expected to win a third termno coup d’etat was under way against the incumbent president.

As established on the fly analyst Oliver Alexander or, more precisely, India Today, Chinese air traffic has not experienced any particular or abnormal decline.

As for the videos of explosions or armored vehicles, a quick search revealed that they were old documents, reused here with the malevolence of social network arsonists.

On the spot, Western journalists were able to finish putting out this small fire, in contact with which some unwary people burned themselves a little quickly: more than ever, beware of false evidence, and those who manipulate it.

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The strange rumor of the coup against Xi Jinping