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What do you do when you see something racist on the Internet? Let it flow? NOOOOOOO. We respond ? YESIIIIII. And we try to make a somewhat funny and humiliating answer to show that racists are big idiots? OF SURE THAT YESIIIIII!

Here are some tasty examples of appropriate responses that are on target, that are fun to read and that piss off the racists. What a way to spend a pleasant day.

1. Racist Question, Brilliant Answer

“Am I racist if I feel uncomfortable when there is a guy with a turban on my plane? Because it doesn’t suit me. »

“Ah I get what you mean, I feel uncomfortable every time I see a white man walk into a movie theater or an elementary school”

2. A violent response, but the question was even more violent

“A petite Mexican lady and I were chatting in Spanish when an old white jerk in a wheelchair pulled us out “We are in America, why don’t you speak in English? » The little Mexican lady answered him “You have legs, why don’t you walk?” » I almost died. I bought him a coffee. »

3. It’s already a proof

Far-right politician: “Most Third World migrants cannot assimilate into civil societies. Prove me otherwise. »

Viet Thanh Nguyen (writer): “I am a refugee from the ‘third world’. I have a doctorate in English and I received a Pulitzer prize for fiction. And you, what did you do? »

4. On one side it’s protests, on the other it’s a war

“Burning an American city will not bring back George Floyd”

“Bombing a Middle Eastern country will not undo 9/11”

5. A very illuminating parallel

Racist: “A foreigner who does not speak English comes to your house. He tells you that he will stay here. He eats your food, goes to your doctor, takes money from your bank, enrolls in your school. Then he makes demands of your Congress. You complain to the authorities. You are called a racist. »

Answer: “A foreigner who does not speak Wampanoag comes to your house. He tells you that he will stay here. Then he eats your food, kills your family, commits mass genocide, destroys your land and erases your language and your history. Then he complains about migrants. »

6. That wonderful day when Xbox and Playstation fought side by side

[publication de Xbox sur le Mois de l’Histoire des Noirs]

Internet user: “The next month will be for the rights of white people, huh? »

Xbox: “Yes, we will talk about their role in slavery, colonization, torture, destruction of cities, segregation and police violence”

Internet user: “Yeah, I’m definitely going to switch to Playstation”

PlayStation: “Great! We can’t wait for you to see our posts about Black History. »

7. The explanation was there, before his eyes

“Strange how some of the most prominent black people who talk about racism don’t even have a black partner”

“Maybe because they’re not…racist?” »

8. It’s okay, can he stay?

*Photo of a black guy holding a black controller*

“This site only accepts black people”

*Photo of the same guy holding a white controller*

9. The facts got the better of this racist

“Serena Williams did what any other black woman would have done: get married to a rich white man. Happy for her and her little family. »

“Her husband’s net worth: $9 million. Serena’s net worth: $150 million. Good try. »

10. Is it clearer like this?

Tomi Lahren (Conservative political commentator): I am NOT going to apologize for being white.

Answer: But hell, we don’t blame you for being white. I am white myself. We blame you for being racist, ignorant and sharing shitty ideas.

11. It’s always funny when racists realize their idols aren’t racist.

“Dolly Parton has just announced that she supports the Black Lives Matter movement. It breaks my heart. I think it’s time to Boycott Dolly. »

“Imagine being racist enough to want to do without Dolly Parton, it’s really funny”

12. Tiring these racists

“A school principal in Southlake, Texas informed teachers last week that if they had a book on the Holocaust in their classroom, they should also have a book with an opposing point of view. »

“What is the ‘opposing view’ of the Holocaust? That the Jews deserved it? That the Nazis weren’t that bad? In what era of lost we are condemned to live. »

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Top 12 best responses to racist people | Topito