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Unlike the children of stars who have done better than their parents, some celebrity kids have decided above all not to follow the careers of their darons and to retrain in the professions of much more “normal” people (with quotes because after all, what is normality, Frodo wondered on the way to Mordor). So here is the list of serious rebel children who said fuck to the lights of the red carpets. Strong.

1. Daniel, Olivier and Patrick de Funès (children of Louis de Funès)

Our favorite policeman had three sons, from two different unions, who did not follow the path of cinema at all. The first, Daniel, made a career as a photoengraver. The next two, Olivier and Patrick, have not worked for showbiz either. Patrick has indeed become a radiologist, specializing in mammograms. After retiring in 2007, he nevertheless frequently participated in the program Les Grosses Têtes. As for Olivier, if he tried a career as an actor in his early days, he quickly converted into an airplane pilot and became a captain for Air France.

2. Astrée, Victor and Louise Lhermitte (children of Thierry Lhermitte)

The first daughter of the interpreter of Popeye in The Bronzed had a short career in film make-up before turning to painting. Well, she remains an artist like her father. His second child, Victor, became a restaurateur. In 2016, after having worked as a butler in Canada, he opened his own establishment in Montreal. As for his third, Louise, a musician, she has, according to the latest news, set up her folk-baroque music group. I don’t know what it gives, but frankly, I’m ready to let myself be tempted.

3. Andrew and Dylan Lauren (children of Ralph Lauren)

2/4 in fashion isn’t too bad of a ratio. Because unlike their brothers David and Jerry, Andrew and Dylan decided to move away from the fashion world (where their father worked but you knew it). Andrew indeed became a producer while Dylan opened his chain of candy stores, called Dylan’s Candy’ Bar.

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4. Amanda Lucas (child of George Lucas)

Unlike George Lucas’ two other adopted children, Katie and Jett (pictured), Amanda hasn’t gone the movie route at all. The director’s eldest daughter is indeed a professional martial artist. In the middle, it is even called “Powerhouse”. It fucks the female dog.

5. Ronan and Moses Farrow (children of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow)

I’m not going to redo the whole genealogical tree of the Allen-Farrow family, but know that Ronan and Moses are the only ones who have not gone to the cinema. Moses is a family therapist (one wonders where that can come from…) while Ronan is a former American adviser and activist for human rights. He is also one of the journalists who investigated the Harvey Weinstein affair in 2018 (which also earned him a Pulitzer Prize, the class a little).

6. Stella, Mary, and Heather McCartney (children of Linda and Paul McCartney)

If the son of Paul McCartney, James, followed the same path as his father, this is not the case for his sisters. Little Stella McCartney chose sewing instead. And it was rather successful for him, we can say (yes, well, for normal life, we’ll come back). Older sister Mary followed the same career as her mother and became a professional photographer while the third, Heather, works in pottery and decorative arts. As for the youngest, Beatrice, we do not yet know if her passion for the saxophone will lead her to music like her daron or if she will pursue a career as a biologist as she said she wanted to. Surprise, surprise.

7. Jessica and Sam Springsteen (children of Bruce Springsteen)

Unlike their brother Evan, Jessica and Sam didn’t go into music at all. Jessica has become a show jumping rider. She was also crowned Olympic vice-champion at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. As for Sam, he took the oath to become a firefighter in New Jersey.

8. Kyle Eastwood (child of Clint Eastwood)

Incredible but true, if Kyle is one of the seven children of the American actor, he is the only one who has not had a career in cinema. Little Kyle is indeed a jazz bassist and double bassist. If he still played in a few films alongside his father (because hey, don’t mess around either anyway), music is his first passion.

9. Benjamin, Willard and Malcolm Ford (children of Harrison Ford)

Of her five children, only her daughter Georgia followed in her daron’s footsteps by playing in a few films. The eldest, Benjamin, works in the restaurant industry as a chef in Los Angeles. Harrison Ford’s second child is an entrepreneur: he created the Ludwig Clothing Company clothing line and the Strong Sports Gym. The third of the Ford line, Malcom, set up a rock band, The Dough Rollers, which has a pretty good career. As for the fifth and last child, Liam, adopted in 2001, it is not yet known what he will do with his future, but for the moment he is devoting himself to his liberal arts studies. Yeah, it bangs.

10. Isabelle, Jessica and Haley Bridges (child of Jeff Bridges)

The actor of Big Lebowski has founded a beautiful little family. However, his three daughters did not give a damn about the cinema. The first, Jessica, became a composer (successful, not gross). The second, Isabelle, is a life coach for the empowerment of mothers (yes, yes, it exists). As for the third and last of the Bridges daughters, Haley, she became an interior decorator. This is called a good career plan.

11. Raphael De Niro (child of Robert De Niro)

It’s hard to know exactly what all the actor’s children do, since some are still very young and others are very discreet about their lives. What is certain is that Raphael did not follow the path of his sister or his father towards the cinema. Indeed, after playing in a few films, he embarked on a career as a real estate broker in which, askip, he excels. We wish him all the happiness in the world.

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12. Sasha and Theo Spielberg (children of Steven Spielberg)

Unlike all their brothers and sisters (and even if they made a few appearances in small productions), Sasha and Theo, the director’s daughter and son, left the cinema to get into music. They formed indie-folk band Wardell and released their debut EP in 2013.

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Top 12 children of stars who have a normal life, fame is not for them | Topito