Top 5 Netflix series that will make you cry

Discover the top 5 of the best drama series that will make you cry like a madeleine.

Only series that received at least 500 votes were taken into account for this top. This ranking is based on the ratings of Internet users of AlloCiné.


Adapted from the novel of the same name, the Japanese animated series follows the daily life of a young woman, Violet Evergarden, named “automatic memories doll”. In the aftermath of the war that devastated her country, the former soldier, trained to kill and to hate, does not know much about the emotions she must be feeling.

She tries somehow to understand the last words addressed to her by her superior before dying. “I love you”. From one letter to another, she will soon discover a new range of emotions that will help her fulfill her mission.

As beautiful as it is aesthetically pleasing, the series from Kyoto Animation Studios draws viewers into an emotionally and graphically epic universe. An emotional, moving, dark and poetic piece with bold themes and lovable characters, this is heartbreakingly beautiful animation.


In 1989, a young woman was assaulted and raped in Central Park. Five suspects are arrested, five black teenagers are terrified and manipulated by the police to confess under pressure to a crime that is not theirs.

Forced confessions, lack of clear evidence, biased trials: here they are condemned. This is the true story of five young men who only have the color of their skin in their eyes.


In 1890, after being abused in an orphanage and foster home, Anne accidentally finds herself in the home of an elderly woman and her brother. Thanks to his courage, intelligence and quick character, the house will nevertheless shine.

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novel, reinterpretation of Green Gables. The show follows the adventures of this young girl in the 19ᵉ century, just and subtly adapted to her current interests. A feminist and dedicated UFO, the teen series also features an outstanding young actress who shines with spontaneity. There are three seasons for laughing and crying.


Erased is first a Japanese manga turned into an anime series, then adapted into a “live action”. The story is the same with a few differences. Satoru Fujinuma, 29, is an unsuccessful and asocial cartoonist and pizza delivery man. But the young man has a special talent for time travel.

With each disaster along the way, he anticipates the last minutes to avoid it. Until the day when one of these events takes him back 18 years, it gives him the possibility of preventing the assassination of three ex-classmates.


Based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning news article, this miniseries tells the true story of a teenage rape victim, Marie (name changed), who ultimately pulls herself out when the police don’t believe her. Accused of lying, justice turns its back on her and accuses her of false declarations.

But right before his eyes, two worried investigators can change everything. Unbelievable, addressing the victims, uncompromisingly exposes the traumatic ordeal they have to go through, especially when they are not taken seriously and emphasizes the scandalous judicial journey rather than the isolated case.

In addition to the poignant theme, the three Emmy nominees Kaitlyn Dever, Merritt Wever and Toni Collette show the instinctive performances of the lead actresses. From the audience’s perspective, pain and anger lurk before this heart-pounding series, but it’s fair and overwhelming, leaving no hesitation behind.

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Top 5 Netflix series that will make you cry